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Synonyms for bangle

jewelry worn around the wrist for decoration

cheap showy jewelry or ornament on clothing

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Combine the new bangle bracelet with other PANDORA bracelets, such as the traditional PANDORA clasp bracelet in sterling silver, oxidized silver, 14k gold or two-tone metals.
Although there is no confirmed data available on the total number of children employed in Firozabad's bangle industry, but it is estimated that hundreds of child laborers are currently working in some 400 registered bangle units of the city.
Sarika was excluded from Aberdare Girls' School, for refusing to take off the bangle.
consumers will change their tastes from large SUVs and pickup trucks, Bangle proclaims the days of the mammoth SUVs are waning, even though BMW will introduce a larger people-hauler in 2007 to compete against Mercedes' R-Class.
Produced using "fair trade" precious metals from South Africa suppliers and with workmanship accomplished by local craftsmen, many of whom are living with HIV, the 46664 bangle will be available in the U.
SPARKLING Katherine Jenkins shows off the 46664 bangle in support of the Nelson Mandela Foundation
Bright bangles and cuffs rock from school day to Friday night.
Pending the High Court decision, Sarika will go to Mountain Ash Comprehensive School, which is happy for her to wear the controversial bangle.
The Leo De Vroomen bangle, which has an 18 carat gold hinge and 21 cut diamonds set within it, was found in an old medical bag and handed to police in Driffield, East Yorkshire.
Fouzia Saeed said that a delegation of women home based bangle makers from Hyderabad is invited by Lok Virsa in collaboration with Pak Social Welfare Society (PSWS) to demonstrate their skills at the festival from July 12 to 16, 2015.
uk Thread teardrop earrings pounds 6,Tropical butterfly necklace pounds 12, Jess cotton poncho pounds 35, Dakota plaited cuff pounds 8, Apache bead bangle pounds 10, Painted ethnic bangle pounds 6, Snakeskin and dotty bangle set (x2) pounds 8, Boho studded ring pounds 8, Aqua Rimini flower ring pounds 12, Flower tassle bag pounds 40, Zen garden seagrass flip flops pounds 12, Satin make-up bag pounds 12, Blue domed nugget ring pounds 8, Facetted chunky ring pounds 10, Chunky snakeskin bangle pounds 6, all from Accessorize, www.
Diamond jewelry was the foundation of the best-dressed looks of the evening, including Katy Perry who wore elegant diamond drop earrings; diamond bangle bracelets; and a diamond Right Hand Ring to complement her pink full-length strapless gown.
A SIKH teenager excluded from school over a bangle she claims is central to her faith will learn today if the decision to ban her from lessons was justified.
There are lots of great ideas for trendy items such as cell phone accessories, mod bead bracelets, belts, key rings, pins, duct tape coin purses, toe rings, bangle bracelets, glitter hair accessories, felt flower pins, ribbon bracelets, and candy wrapper jewelry.
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