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Synonyms for bangle

jewelry worn around the wrist for decoration

cheap showy jewelry or ornament on clothing

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The uncomfortable black and white puss was taken to the RSPCA's Newbrook Farm Animal Hospital, in Birmingham, where she was anaesthetised so vets could cut the bangle off.
month-old CC home in matter it brass collars advise against aren't leaving your and that designed they become "As CC continued to grow, the bangle would have cut into her flesh and become very, very sore Inspector Herchy Boal
Last year some children were found to be working in bangle warehouses and basically they are in the testing units where the bangles are tested.
Or head to the High Street for this diamond cut set of Indian multi-coloured bangles, below, pounds 6, from a range by Freedom in Topshop.
turquoise and Bali silver bracelet, amber and hand-made glass beads, brass bangle inlaid with mother-of-pearl, two-strand beige mother-of-pearl bracelet, Lucite bangle, stretch bracelets of African mud beads, white embedded-shell Lucite bangle, charm bracelet of red glass beads, and woven bamboo bangle.
Sarika claims the school is infringing her human rights by demanding she remove her religious bangle, but the school says wearing jewellery is against its code of conduct.
14, GiGi, Robinsons May A classic wooden bangle is always fresh.
Founded by brothers Jonathan and Maurice Mandelbaum, the company provides continually-expanding product lines, ranging from gold earrings and charms to bangle bracelets and pendants.
Bazaar were decorated with colourful lights which attracts people of twin cities,G-9 Markaz,Supermarket, Jinnah Supermarket, Saddar, Commercial Market are bangle hubs in Federal Capital and Rawalpindi.
POLICE today appealed for help to trace the owner of a unique diamond encrusted gold bangle thought to be worth up to pounds 12,000.
uk Thread teardrop earrings pounds 6,Tropical butterfly necklace pounds 12, Jess cotton poncho pounds 35, Dakota plaited cuff pounds 8, Apache bead bangle pounds 10, Painted ethnic bangle pounds 6, Snakeskin and dotty bangle set (x2) pounds 8, Boho studded ring pounds 8, Aqua Rimini flower ring pounds 12, Flower tassle bag pounds 40, Zen garden seagrass flip flops pounds 12, Satin make-up bag pounds 12, Blue domed nugget ring pounds 8, Facetted chunky ring pounds 10, Chunky snakeskin bangle pounds 6, all from Accessorize, www.
Green bangle, pounds 6, Monsoon; Pink/grey dip-dye dress, pounds 50, Topshop.
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