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Synonyms for banging

a continuing very loud noise

Related Words

the act of subjecting to strong attack

(used informally) very large

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More common in boys than in girls, childhood head banging usually starts when the child is age 18 months, but he (she) should grow out of it by age 4.
Although head banging is seen in 5% to 15% of healthy children, (1) children who are mentally retarded, blind, deaf, or autistic are more likely to participate in head banging.
The company's Founder Asvin Simon, owing to a passion for fast food, thought of banging the fast food market with a new kind of twist in the menu and came up with the idea of launching Bangs.
Then Flo taps and Edna sprays, and Flo taps and Edna sprays, and soon the rhythm of this has developed into something like the Beer Barrel Polka, and they're humming along with it, really getting into it, banging on the "pots," "table," and "stove" like a two-woman band.
Many parents wonder if their infant's head banging means something is wrong.