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Synonyms for bane

Synonyms for bane

the act of destroying or state of being destroyed

anything that is injurious, destructive, or fatal

something that causes total loss or severe impairment, as of one's health, fortune, honor, or hopes

a cause of suffering or harm

Synonyms for bane

something causing misery or death

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Yet Batman seemed oblivious of all this and instead barged on with his own impetuous attempt to slug it out with the evil Bane.
DOUBLE ACT n Christian Bale and Michael Caine PURR-FECT 3 Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle, aka Catwoman NEMESIS 3 British actor Tom Hardy as brutish Bane THE headline act may be the man in a THE DARK KNIGHT RISES 12A DAVID EDWARDS' MOVIE REVIEWS & RATINGS EXCELLENT - A MUST SEE GREAT - CATCH IT IF YOU CAN GOOD - YOU'LL ENJOY IT AVERAGE - TAKE CARE ?
While the Chupacabra itself pre-dates the post-war twentieth-century era of flying saucers and UFOs, these characterizations of the accompanying phenomena most certainly do not, and by including such an entry, Bane acknowledges that historical date itself is not the criterion for inclusion or exclusion.
INSPIRED: Joe Bone (right) who stars in Bane with on-stage musician Ben Roe
After Bane organizes the mass exodus from Arkham, Gotham finds itself up to its ears in rogues; all the best make appearances in this story arc - Joker, Two-Face, Scarecrow, Poison Ivy, The Ventriloquist, plus many more - and they are working their hardest to stay clear of the bars of Arkham Asylum.
Over a period of 21 days from Golden Gate Bridge Park to the bat-filled caves of Vermont's Green Mountains Detective Alban Bane is whirled from victim to victim.
Bane, long active in Democratic campaigns with her late husband, Tom Bane, who chaired the Rules Committee in the state Legislature, joked that the selection committee needed one Democrat among the winners.
It's Perez's emotion-filled art that five years ago caught the attention of Robert Bane, owner of Robert Bane Editions, a longstanding Beverly Hills-based art publisher.
Originally published in 1986, Windmaster's Bane is a beloved fantasy novel for all ages, now updated and lightly rewritten by author Tom Deitz in a new collector's edition.
Book one of an ongoing series, Arlyn And The Purloin Bane is a fantasy novel set on an Earth-like world called Tartarus, in which a woman named Arlyn must come to grips with the gaps in her memory to figure out who and what she is.
The counselor asked the boy to take the family bane to school and consult with it when he felt angry.
The Last Apprentice-Curse of the Bane by Joseph Delaney Greenwillow Books
But Thomas Beak bane continued to follow them around the car-park.
Bane and Mead share their perspectives on these questions, and then debate each others" response.
Bane and Benet chronicle Steel's life in the unauthorized biography that runs from Steel's self-proclaimed unhappy childhood to the early nineties.