bandy leg

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a leg bowed outward at the knee (or below the knee)

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They developed a large and loyal following as Bandy Legs but later changed their name to Quartz.
Initially playing a wide range of covers, they began to concentrate on the harder rock sound the Midlands had become famous for, started to write their own material and soon developed a large and loyal following as Bandy Legs.
Newborn goats with bandy legs bleat from a nearby pen, while bees buzz around their honeycombs.
They thought that you had to draw fat defenders and players with bandy legs.
MAX, the lovable lurcher with bandy legs, has found a new home.
I may still have the bandy legs to show for such premature roaming, but at least the state of independence hit almost immediately.
With bandy legs and gnarled hands, they make careful progress about the stage, never allowing their diminished agility to bring them to a halt.
Albert, remembered for his bandy legs, played eight games that autumn but had lost his place before the Kings Lynn fiasco that was to be the end of Frith's reign at Coventry.
The warmth of the dawn sun feeds the life in every animal and sees the antelope shake the sleep from their legs and greet the morning with a spring in their bandy legs.
Southampton gaffer Gordon Strachan was glad he didn't have to rely on old Bandy Legs after Antti Niemi set up an equaliser
As if that were not enough, I also had bandy legs, pimples, and a mild back deformity called kyphosis that made me look slightly hunched no matter how straight my posture.
There is no one, possibly outside of John Wayne at his cowboy best, who epitomised bandy legs more than SuperMac whose career was cruelly cut short at the young age of 29 by the worst of knee injuries.