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Synonyms for bandy

Synonyms for bandy

to give and receive

to speak together and exchange ideas and opinions about

Synonyms for bandy

toss or strike a ball back and forth

exchange blows

discuss lightly

have legs that curve outward at the knees

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Bandy said "healthy skepticism'' is a good way consumers can protect themselves.
The Filipinos as highly-skilled, highly trainable hardworking workers and the Philippines being accessible to all areas in the Asia-Pacific region were among the factors cited by Bandy for Lexmark's choosing to locate in Cebu since 2009.
Organizers found a manufacturing boot camp being used successfully in North Dakota, which became a loose model for the shipfitting program, Bandy says.
I just wanted to make sure that it was what I really wanted to do," said Bandy, who was born in Ohio and grew up in Little Rock.
The winner by default, Marin Cilic, is 100-1 to win Wimbledon with Bandy (aid) as long as 125-1 with Corals.
Many factors were analyzed, but when it comes to content, Bandy and Moore found the following to work:
There's also the iPhone app Bandy-liscious, using which you can scan your fingerprints to show which colour Bandy suits you best and why.
The Swedish boys we met were very talented and mostly focused on bandy instead of hockey.
The margins are at least as good or better than the physical market," Bandy told Reuters.
Jenna Bandy took care of the scoring for the Lancers (20-5, 10-1) with a run scoring single in the second and a sacrifice fly in the fourth.
Bandy, also a former senior research analyst for a commodity training advisor, Quantitative Trading Systems: Practical Methods for Design, Testing, and Validation is a highly technical guide written especially for professionals and students with a background in basic mathematics, computer science, and commodities training.
Bandy was named partner in the Miami office of Walton Lantaff Schroeder & Carson.
of the phrases that the office cognoscenti bandy about around the water cooler.
Claire Maule, who joined Quantum nearly three years ago from Maverick Television, has been appointed an account manager while Julia Bandy and Ruth Nolan have joined Quantum's team as account executives.