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a data transmission rate

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Since SAS devices can transfer data in both directions at once, they effectively double the useable bandwidth of the link rate.
Stated bandwidth is often far different from effective bandwidth.
ACE's software development and web design team, led by Renaud Palliere, Co-Founder and Chief Information Officer of ACE, has designed a state-of-the-art trading system that will satisfy strong existing demand for real-time trading of bandwidth as it is needed.
People are building humongously long and difficult submarine cables that cross the mighty oceans, but in actual fact, it's the network down the street that's the problem," says Stephen Young, author of International Bandwidth 2000 and principal consultant at Ovum, a research and consulting company specializing in IT and telecoms.
The available window size on a given bandwidth pipe is the rate of the bandwidth times the round-trip delay or latency.
A recent report by IDC (September, 2002) predicts that email volume will increase from 31 billion messages per day now, to 60 billion per day in three years, eating up more of your bandwidth and storage.
This multimegabit T1 service, known as NxT1, allows companies to scale up bandwidth as their needs and budgets require without switching to a different access solution.