bandwagon effect

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the phenomenon of a popular trend attracting even greater popularity

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The assumption behind this choice is strong--by removing the group of PD switchers, we are assuming that the entire group is subject to some form of bandwagon effect (which clearly cannot be true).
A review of the three elections with obvious bandwagon effects reveals no consistent pattern.
The concepts of "bandwagon" and "reverse bandwagon effect," introduced by traditional models of collective behavior, are integrated to explain the dynamics of a revolution and how popular disaffection may lead to regime change.
Given the substantial nature of foreign participation and its concentration in the core dominant banking sector, foreign portfolio adjustments could create a bandwagon effect that would overturn the market recovery.
Central's beliefs about its investment activities were shaped by at least a few cognitive biases, thinking traps that its officials did not sufficiently recognize, avoid, or counteract, including: anchoring (relying too heavily on a past reference; bandwagon effect (believing things because many other people believe the same): illusion of control (overestimating one's degree of influence over other external events); optimism bias (being overly optimistic); black swan effect (underestimating the possibility of improbable events).
Fears of an impending fuel price hike in Nigeria, raised last week by President Goodluck Jonathan, have been doused by the same President, providing much relief to the citizens who have been bracing up for the increase and its bandwagon effect.
The horse race becomes more important than the candidates' message, a problem because of a recurring bandwagon effect.
This time, there was another development: Merah's murders created a bandwagon effect of attacks on French Jews unrelated to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.
Improved poll numbers and a brightening economy, as well as the bandwagon effect of a smattering of stars coming out in support.
Since the bandwagon effect does not directly affect intention to use wikis, and it intensifies the effect of such intention to the use wikis, it is regarded as a moderator variable in our model, as shown in Figure 2.
On top of that, there is a bandwagon effect that comes about with a site that is so popular.
Indeed, over the past 30 years, we have witnessed the bandwagon effect of popular management movements such as management by objectives; reinventing government; reengineering; the balanced scorecard; and the latest craze, Lean and Six Sigma.
11, 2001 because they are "topical," and a bandwagon effect ensues, Haysbert told AlArabiya.
Polling results - touted by the polling companies, given top-of-the-news coverage on TV and in print, and spun madly by pundits and campaigns alike - tend to create a bandwagon effect for presumed front-runners.
that are "specifically designed to create a positive bandwagon effect as election day approaches," according to the firm's web site.