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wild pigeon of western North America

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Few types of North American upland hunting I know of--aside from dove or bandtail pigeon--give you the luxury of being able to spot birds coming in from a long way out, so you have the time to wind your way into a competition skeet-stance with your weight distributed oh-so-perfectly.
RESULTS: We found STXs in 516 IRL southern (Sphoeroides nephelus), checkered (Sphoeroides testudineus), and bandtail (Sphoeroides spengleri) puffer fish.
Tissues from Florida bandtail (Sphoeroides spengleri), checkered, and southern puffer fish (Sphoeroides nephelus) were found to be lethal in the mouse bioassay (MBA) (Burklew and Morton 1971; Lalone et al.
From April 2002 through April 2005, southern, checkered, and bandtail puffer fish (n = 516) were harvested via a range of fishing gear from the original source locations of the PFP incidents in the northern and central IRL (Figure 1).
4) and just over the action limit in bandtail (maximum, 364.