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a player in a band (especially a military band)

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Band Pres Porthaethwy described him as a "top bandsman who will be missed by many", while Bangor University Brass Band said: "The band is devastated by the news of Guto.
Before his retirement, ex-Royal Marine bandsman Mr Bishop worked as an orthopaedic shoemaker.
Major MacDonald was a bandsman manning one of the ship's guns when it was hit by Stuka dive bombers.
One of my most positive experiences during my 1966-1969 service in the 74th Army Band was reading through all nine symphonies of Beethoven arranged for four hands at one piano with fellow bandsman, Benjamin Sloane.
CBA's previous publications include the Canadian Bandsman (1942-49), Canadian Bandmaster (1949-67), CBDA Journal (1976-84), and the Canadian Band Journal (1984-2001); see also the last item under Cessations in this column).
And as the young soldiers who have replaced the Canberra's usual clientele steam towards battle, we learn a great deal more about Marine bandsman Henry Hawkins: although a reserved, even solitary character, buried connections link him intimately with the rest of the cast.
The bandsman, who had played the clarinet and saxophone in the camp orchestra, said that he had not been aware of the existence of these legs.
Howard Jackson, an ex-miner and Salvation Army bandsman, was originally from Seaham in County Durham.
SHOW-STOPPERS: Thomas Burgess, four, tries out the bagpipes played by his bandsman uncle Gary Burgess, while a daredevil Flying Gunners rider leaps a line of cars Pictures: FRANK LOUGHLIN
SOCCER giants Glasgow Celtic are set to make history by signing up a loyalist bandsman to defend its nets.
For his next trick, the Household Cavalry bandsman will perform at the Noel Coward Theatre from July 8 to August 27.
Band president Brian Boothroyd, 75, commissioned the booK, which was compiled by former bandsman and Examiner features editor Ron Massey.
A THREE-month sentence handed to a bandsman for playing the Sash outside a Catholic church was "draconian" and "disproportionate", a DUP minister said yesterday.
A YOUNG cornet player was given pounds 2,500 after winning an award in memory of a Royal Marine bandsman killed by a Real IRA bomb.
The West Lothian-based bandsman, who asked not to be named, said: 'They knocked our instruments as we played.