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an endless saw consisting of a toothed metal band that is driven around two wheels

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the most versatile portable bandsaw mill available.
The setting inspires confidence too--everything except the odd bandsaw scene takes place not in Cole Ward's retail butcher shop, but in a neat home-type kitchen
Simonds International's new IC Enduro Bi-Metal Bandsaw Blades can endure tough bundle cutting applications or saw large cross-section structurals, while avoiding blade pinching through the cut.
Previously, they had been using a bandsaw to do the job; that required three to four hours.
This meant riding for 200 miles on a motorcycle wearing what amounted to a personal bandsaw under my leathers.
On the whole, the top three machines used were respectively, the bandsaw, the trimmer and the table saw.
How you longed to cut your own shapes on the bandsaw, or turn table legs on those mysterious lathes.
The Model GV1NE bandsaw is said to provide tire manufacturers with the capability to cut out sections of finished product for quality control inspection.
Pick too small a machine and you could be left with no option but to slice up parts manually with a bandsaw to fit the granulator - a labor-intensive and dangerous operation.
The new online training program, developed for saw operators and supervisors, offers expert instruction on bandsaw usage, productivity, waste reduction, and more -
Norwood Sawmills launches a new portable sawmill - the LumberMate LM29- the next step in the evolution of its successful series of personal bandsaw mills.
Much of the rest of his time was spent enjoying restoring and pulling antique tractors, especially his "Fat Allis", and giving advice to friends who would drop on by or he would be on the quest for the latest antique tractor find with his friend, Dave Libbey who partnered with Lee running their L & K Bandsaw Mill filling custom cut orders.
Wintersteiger says its DSB Singlehead thin-cutting bandsaw offers flexibility and performance for the sawing of wood blocks into lamellas for engineered floors, doors, multilayer boards and many other uses.
Upon completion, the machine-tool and bandsaw production equipment will be relocated from Komaki and Sakai, Fukui Pref.
For example, we worked with a frozen fish processor to investigate automating the transfer of their product from the outfeed of an automated bandsaw to the infeed of the formers and fryers.