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an endless saw consisting of a toothed metal band that is driven around two wheels

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Under the terms of this agreement, Union Grove handles all sales and service of bandsaw blades produced by Metamob in the U.
Both work close to logs as they pass through high-tension bandsaws.
Here, we profile two portable sawmill options: the Granberg Alaskan Small Log chainsaw mill, which costs about $200, and Hud-Son's HFE 21 Homesteader bandsaw mill, priced at $2,600.
I also was astonished that I was so easily able to convert several logs into hundreds of board feet of usable lumber that very first day, especially considering that I had never milled wood with a bandsaw mill before.
Wintersteiger says its DSB Singlehead thin-cutting bandsaw offers flexibility and performance for the sawing of wood blocks into lamellas for engineered floors, doors, multilayer boards and many other uses.
Mossner offers a unique technique for the automated removal of aluminum gates and risers as well as casting finishing by combining the speed of a bandsaw and the accuracy provided by the CNC guidance system.
Simonds International's new IC Enduro Bi-Metal Bandsaw Blades can endure tough bundle cutting applications or saw large cross-section structurals, while avoiding blade pinching through the cut.
The cutting performances of the tip-inserted bandsaw and Stellite-tipped saws were investigated, and comparisons were made between the hardness of the tipped materials, cutting edge recessions, and accuracy of the kerf widths.
offers the new 3868 TSS (triple set stainless) carbide bandsaw blade designed to eliminate time and risks involved with the process of running in a new blade.
Advantages of this cutting method in comparison to cutting with a bandsaw include an added product value thanks to clean and smooth cut.
The Model GV1NE bandsaw is said to provide tire manufacturers with the capability to cut out sections of finished product for quality control inspection.
The unit is used to extract swarf and metal dust created at six bandsaw stations, where moulds are split into separate cast units ready for finishing.
Cheminis will receive a $66,000 contribution through FedNor's small business assistance program for the purchase of a $150,000 bandsaw.
Realizing that a way of life was ending, Ames recorded rare film of woodsmen working crosscut saws, horses twitching logs to the riverbank, log drivers in caulked boots balancing on the Machias River, and, 70 miles downstream in the town of Machias, logs being lifted from the mill pond to the bandsaw, and finished lumber being loaded into schooners bound for Boston and New York.