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(Greek mythology) the first woman

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In 1605, in his will, Shakespeare's long-time colleague Augustine Phillips left a bass viol to Samuel Gifford and a cittern, bandore, and lute to James Sands, both fellows and former apprentices.
The story, as told by the "old bandore player in the town of Glukhov" (1: 170), of God's implementation of Ivan's curse on Petro[16] creates an effect similar to that which the narrator's parade of souls has on his audience at the end of "Alice Doane's Appeal":
TK: I said, I am a European, and I don't want to be a regional bandore player.
AUGUSTINE PHILLIPS in 1605 left bequests to Shakespeare and others of his fellows in the King's Men, and |to James Sands, my apprentice, the some of fortye shillings, and a citterne, a bandore, and a lute, to be paid and delivered unto him at the expiration of his terme of yeres in his indenture of apprenticehood'.
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