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a type of concertina popular in South America

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The live music will be led by the young prodigy considered one of the four best bandoneons in the world, Lautaro Greco, and the 12 dancers will be directed by the first dancer Tere Sanchez Terraf, who graduated from the prestigious Juilliard in New York.
But composing, teaching and performing the bandoneon has been his major preoccupation and advocacy for many years now.
The Piazzolla Sextet includes two musicians - violinist Fernando Suarez-Paz and double-bass player Horacio Cabarcos - who played with Piazzolla himself as well as Alejandro Guerschberg on bandoneon, Nicolas Guerschberg on piano, Esteban Falabella on guitar, and Daniel 'Pipi' Piazzolla, the maestro's grandson, on drums.
These, and other sections, are accompanied by Julian Rowlands, an expert in the haunting music of tango, who composed the score, and plays the characteristic bandoneon, a kind of concertina, as well as a keyboard and fiddle.
The third performer on stage much of the time is lugubrious bandoneon player Julian Rowlands whose music, by turn passionate and plaintive, provides another vital voice.
A CONCERT by renowned performer Carel Kryenhof from the Netherlands, who plays the bandoneon, an instrument common in tango musical performances, is slated to be held at Qatar National Theatre on April 29.
Sin embargo, aqui no se cierra la significacion armonica del arrabal, dulce arrabal, lindo arrabal, arrabal mio, como se senala en los textos, sino que la melodia del arrabal es esencialmente armonica, porque entre paicas y compadritos, yiras y bacanes, minas y chorros la musicalidad del tango se energiza en el campo semantico del codigo del sonido tanto al ritmo armonico del canyengue como en el de la queja proyectado por el bandoneon.
In the century-old Knights of Columbus Hall in downtown San Jose, California, the plaintive melody of Astor Piazzolla's bandoneon rises to the rafters of a high-ceilinged ballroom.
During the course of the film, he showcases his stylistic performing with a trio, quartet, small orchestra (stringed instruments, violins, cello, and nylon string guitar), a bandoneon ensemble, flamenco singers, and a tango singer.
En esta etapa, la musica de Buenos Aires evoluciona rapidamente: el arpa de las primeras bandas es reemplazada por la guitarra criolla; se incorpora el bandoneon y el tango encuentra su voz.
But, of course, it's the dancing that is of prime importance, and there's both quality and quantity through more than two dozen evocative musical numbers by everyone from famous tango composer and bandoneon player Astor Piazzolla to new pieces by the show's musical directors and even Tom Waits' Temptation.
De Europa a la gran America, camino de los arrabales portenos, el Litoral, la Quebrada de Humahuaca, los patios de tierra santiaguenos y los valseados del Sur, acordeon y bandoneon, o "el fuelle", para resumirlos, son responsables de los sonidos que esconden el misterio mismo de la musica.
Ellie loves tango music and, among the items in the basement, finds a bandoneon, a traditional tango instrument.
It was traditionally accompanied by a concertina known as a bandoneon, together with a piano and violin.