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a type of concertina popular in South America

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Pietrodarchi and his bandoneon commanded the middle bits of the evening, but the concert opened and closed with orchestral works by Dvor?
He said of his bandoneon, "For me, the bandoneon is the source of life.
The bandoneon is a German invention, the accompanying musical instruments, piano and flute, like couple dancing and the basic steps, all point to Europe.
But, of course, it's the dancing that is of prime importance, and there's both quality and quantity through more than two dozen evocative musical numbers by everyone from famous tango composer and bandoneon player Astor Piazzolla to new pieces by the show's musical directors and even Tom Waits' Temptation.
While cleaning out her aunt's basement, she comes across an instrument from Argentina called a bandoneon and becomes interested in tango music.
Ellie loves tango music and, among the items in the basement, finds a bandoneon, a traditional tango instrument.
It was traditionally accompanied by a concertina known as a bandoneon, together with a piano and violin.
Then there is a night of South American music, with Roberto Minczuk and a bandoneon soloist to give Astor Piazaola the right spin.
TANGUARDA QUARTET [Maria Martinova, piano, Ville Hilltula, bandoneon, Rafal Zambrzycky-Payne, violin, Matthew Midgley, double bass, performing Piazzolla, Possetti, Beytelmann and more] July 2, 7.
Tango Siempre's jazz vocabulary is strong, with sweeping electrified violin solos and bandoneon lines that suggest a sozzled stagger down twisting alleyways at 5am.
South American reed instrument, the bandoneon, provides the background beat of the dance that was first known in the underworld of secret nightclubs and salons in Argentina.
Most of the arrangements here are by Serouj Kradjian, Bayrakdarian's husband, with a couple in collaboration with and a couple by the Bandoneon player, Fabian Carbone, brought in from Spain for the project.
The combination of bandoneon (a kind of accordion) and cello might not strike you as something to which you would want to hear, but believe me, this is a wonderful recording that offers great musical delight.
When you dance like this,'' he says, pointing to the dancers as they cross ankles to the sultry bandoneon music in the dimly lit hall, ``you enjoy it.