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a broad cartridge belt worn over the shoulder by soldiers


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Arrayed backstage right are the vocalist's mustachioed accompanists -- Ziad al-Ahmadiye (oud, backing vocals, and musical arrangement), clad in white dress uniform and tarboush, and Bah Daou (derbake), resplendent in thobe, beret and bandolier.
Authorities allegedly found a kilogram of cocaine stashed in heat-sealed bags worn like a bandolier under his sweater.
Sportster introduces a Tactical Carbine Case, Standard Holster, Shooting Rest Weight Bags and Bandolier Scoped Handgun Holsters.
Having thus prepared the piece to receive the charge, he would use his right hand to open one of the wooden cylinders on his bandolier, each of which contained a single charge of powder, and pour the contents down the barrel.
Navy, Army and Coast Guard, a utility belt and bandolier pouch for the Army and products for private companies.
some cosmic joker has hung a bandolier and shaving mirror
Residents were asked to record their own awareness and familiarity with 8 web-based EBM resources including Bandolier, ACP Journal Club, Clinical Evidence, Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine, Drug and Therapeutics Bulletin, Medical Letter and the Journal of Informed Pharmacotherapy.
During search operation at Piochar and surrounding area following arms and ammunition was recovered:-1 Small Machine Gun with 7 magazines and 600 rounds, 1 Rifle 303 with 5 magazines and 210 rounds, 1 Grenade 3 Grenade (Russian), 1 Light Machine Gun, 1 I Communication Set, 4 Bandolier, 3 Camouflage Jackets, 2 Rifle 8 mm, 1 Rifle 12 bore, 2 SSG uniforms and 1 Russian ATM / IED Meanwhile 679 displaced families of Waziristan have moved to District Zhob, Baluchistan.
The print Bandolier journal has been discontinued but back issues are available full text at: www.
Retired Captain Terry Dullaghan, who was in the Irish Defence Forces reserves, said he and his colleagues were mobilised around that time: "We were issued with a bandolier with 50 rounds of .
Therefore, Bandolier suggests an effective NNT should be no greater than 2-4.
The ammunition bandolier you see was only issued to horse artillery".
In the case of "Bunny is Good Bread," the young Fee Bandolier is even forced to watch his mother gruesomely and gradually die after a brutal beating from his father (who is later revealed to be a serial murderer as well).
Bandolier had a complete article reviewing the evidence which showed that it can be of slight benefit, showing graphs of exactly how urinary flow is improved.