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a broad cartridge belt worn over the shoulder by soldiers


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The first article in this issue explains Southeastern bandolier bags and how they are constructed.
A roistering, garrulous crowd were huddled around a central fire, the light of the flames falling upon half-drunk whisky bottles, the brims of cane helmets, bandoliers of bullets, pistols, strings of beads and the tips of elephant-bone knife handles.
The '92 is an old friend, and with a full magazine plus a George Lawrence bandolier, you have 87 rounds
The "out the door" ammo supply is also brutally simple; a cotton USGI bandolier filled with aluminum 20-round magazines.
A 22-year-old victim named Tahseen told a doctor he had been smoking a water pipe when a man wearing civilian clothes and a bandolier filled with ammunition crossed the street towards the al-Furat Cafe.
Kinross, having made a careful survey of the situation, divested himself of all his equipment save his rifle and bandolier and, regardless of his personal safety, advanced alone over the open ground in broad daylight.
Home Geekonomics showed off a Chewbacca pumpkin that was covered in brown fur, with a face added and a bandolier wrapped around it like the one the famous Wookie warrior wears in the films.
He also gives a bandolier and an orange marker to the girl.
One chap in flip-flops was swathed in a wicked looking bandolier of heavy duty ammunition.
Arrayed backstage right are the vocalist's mustachioed accompanists -- Ziad al-Ahmadiye (oud, backing vocals, and musical arrangement), clad in white dress uniform and tarboush, and Bah Daou (derbake), resplendent in thobe, beret and bandolier.
Sportster introduces a Tactical Carbine Case, Standard Holster, Shooting Rest Weight Bags and Bandolier Scoped Handgun Holsters.
Search for articles in Medline, UpToDate, National Guideline Clearinghouse, Cochrane Library, DARE, Bandolier, and TRIP Database, using the MeSH terms mud therapy and osteoarthritis.
Navy, Army and Coast Guard, a utility belt and bandolier pouch for the Army and products for private companies.
The Kodiak goes around your shoulder sort of bandolier style and positions the gun diagonally across your torso; a second strap goes around your midsection and clips to the holster to hold it in position.
Bandolier 2003 Acute Pain Available from: http://www.