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a broad cartridge belt worn over the shoulder by soldiers


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Glaring through the car window was a dark-haired desperado, bandoleers of bullets criss-crossing his chest, a rifle and gun in each hand.
There were also sackfuls of loose ammo and bandoleers rounded up from Provos who kept them in their own personal hideouts.
They also found thousands of rounds of ammunition and bandoleers holding shotgun shells.
There are black evil-looking shotguns with bandoleers of bright red plastic ammunition.
I felt uneasy seeing them decked out in jungle greens and slung with bandoleers, keen to head off to battle with the same adrenalised glee my nineteen-year-old grandfather must have felt when he waded ashore at Suvla Bay in 1915.
They had a few elements of their technology - their trade beads, kettles, some Spanish bandoleers and so on - but they had not had the kind of encounter they got from this expedition and its magic: its air-powered gun, its Newfoundland dog, its compass, its sextant, the tricks of the trade.
Rebel Heart was set in the early 20th century and I had to wear a period suit and some trench coats and bandoleers," he remembers.
Even if we grant that N[bar{i}]lakantha's [acute{s}]aikya could represent a specialized, basically military, usage, there is no mention of such bandoleers, belts, or slings anywhere else in the epic, not even in lists of warriors' accouterments.
When asked about beverage promotions, many restaurant and bar operators roll their eyes, thinking, no doubt, about cheesy keychain and t-shirt give-aways and busty women wearing bandoleers packed with shooter tubes.
Two officers armed with shotguns loaded with 12 gauge bean-bag munitions and carrying bandoleers of additional rounds
With all killed wearing their bandoleers and holding their M16s, we are confident that all those who died in the encounter were NPAs," Parayno said.
Bandoleers were once very common for this style and then fell out of favor.
From the half-case of M67 hand grenades in the bottom of the firing pit, I put three, with pins straightened, on the top ledge of the pit along with bandoleers of HEDP M433 (M550 fuse) 40mm rounds for my M79.