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the conductor of a band

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Author Susan Wolfendale, who is the band's percussionist, has written The Band On The Prom, drawing on archive material preserved by some of the band's former bandmasters, particularly F L Traversi, Robin Williams and George Brookes.
Poor wages, irregular work hours and endless travel eventually take their toll, said Shanawaz Ali, a bandmaster who plays several instruments.
Elgar Music For Powick Asylum Innovation Chamber Ensemble / Collett FOR six years, from the RSIX years, from the age of 21, Edward Elgar was bandmaster of an ensemble which played (on whatever instruments were available) therapeutic music for the patients of Worcester County and City Lunatic Asylum in the village of Powick.
The 9th Division Band, however, was different, and COL Cundick "was particularly impressed with the enthusiasm and professionalism" of its bandmaster, Chief Warrant Officer Two (CW2) Paul Clark.
I'M not highly strung but even if I had the PS900,000 to buy the violin played by Titanic's bandmaster, I wouldn't touch it.
THE violin thought to have been played by the Titanic's bandmaster as the ship sank has been sold at auction for PS900,000.
THE violin reputedly played by the Titanic's bandmaster as the ill-fated liner sank, broke a world record when it sold for PS900,000.
The instrument is thought to have belonged to bandmaster Wallace Hartley, who was among the disaster's more than 1,500 victims, Fox news reported.
THE violin reputedly played by Titanic's bandmaster as the ship sank, broke a world record when it sold for PS900,000 yesterday.
A LETTER which was penned by the bandmaster of the Titanic who carried on playing as the ship sank has sold for PS93,000.
The pair form part of a large stallion roster at Vauterhill Stud that also includes Bandmaster, Dream Eater, Fantastic Spain, Hamairi, Leporello, Rocamadour (owned by comedian Jethro), Thank Heavens and new boy Phenomena, a once-raced son of Galileo and Oaks runner-up Something Exciting.
He said he enjoys the Eisteddfod after long experience of competing himself as a school pupil and with the Trefor Silver Band where his father, Geraint, served as bandmaster.
I should at this juncture point out the manuscript's purpose: for the practical needs of the Stara Paka bandmaster.
That is the premise behind the short film "Bighorn," a 15-minute, supernatural historical fantasy based on a true story: General Custer's bandmaster, Felix Vinatieri -- an Italian immigrant and the great-great-grandfather of NFL kicker Adam Vinatieri -- was ordered to stay behind at the 7th Cavalry's Powder River camp and just missed the Battle of the Little Bighorn where Custer and his entire regiment were annihilated.