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molding in the form of a ring

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Let It Wave's super-resolution bandlet is a patented technology resulting from 10 years of research in the most advanced applied mathematics laboratories in France and the United States.
It includes upconversion from SD to HD with super-resolution deinterlacing and scaling, down and cross conversion, as well as spatio-temporal bandlet noise removal and enhancement.
PARIS -- Let It Wave announces a breakthrough HDTV upconverter that incorporates patented super-resolution bandlet algorithms in an FPGA.
To conquer the limited directionality, many directional image representations have been proposed in recent years, which include the dual-tree complex wavelets, bandlets, contourlets, and Nonsubsampled Contourlet Transform (NSCT) [9-12].
These two daughters generate endoderm (the hindgut or intestine), as well as the mesodermal bandlets (see Figs.
Despite this alternative quadrant arrangement with respect to the first cleavage planes, bandlets of mesenchymal cells seem to be derived from the same endomesodermal cell (4d) as in annelids and molluscs (10).