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the leader of a dance band

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John Clayton, born August 20, 1952, has a very busy career as a composer, arranger, conductor, bandleader, and bassist.
His reputation as a bandleader ranges from his direction of James Brown's fabled JBs to today's Fred Wesley Group.
It is not just as a bandleader that Hamilton has built a unique reputation in his adopted home in Birmingham since he arrived in 1949.
Now a recording and touring bandleader of many projects and sideman in many more, JJ has performed with the likes of Jean Toussaint, Dave Holland Ensemble, Scott Stroman, Celine Dion and has played venues including Wembley Stadium, The Royal Albert Hall and The Birmingham Hippodrome.
The oft-amused Eubanks joined "Tonight" in 1992 and took over as bandleader from Branford Marsalis in 1995.
Prez has led his own groups since the early 1990s, and as a bandleader he has three Grammy nominations for his innovative recordings.
Jazz great Toshiko Akiyoshi, whose six-decade career has seen her as a pianist, bandleader and composer, was one of seven acclaimed musicians and jazz contributors to be awarded the 2007 National Endowment for the Arts' Jazz Master award in New York on Friday evening.
She's defined for most audiences by the experience of her super-intense live performances and dynamism as a bandleader, and one might think that her band BIGLovely would translate into a record as most bands do--good, but not the same as the in-person experience.
Produced by veteran reggae bassist and bandleader Dennis Bovell, ``Cut'' was sparked by the imaginative drumming of Peter ``Budgie'' Clarke, who later joined Siouxsie & the Banshees and married the group's leader.
In addition to being an actor and political activist, Lee, however, had also been a violinist, a jockey, a pro-boxer, restaurateur, and a bandleader.
Rendezvous Entertainment: Although Rendezvous has dabbled in electronic and world music, this label--helmed by out Grammy nominee Dave Koz--focuses primarily on the smooth jazz that brought the saxophonist fame, promoting a range of artists including Dirty Harry's son, acclaimed bassist and bandleader Kyle Eastwood.
MAYO bandleader Tony Chambers, who featured in William Trevor's classic film The Ballroom Of Romance, was an institution throughout the province of Connacht and much further afield.
Bob Florence has garnered national and international acclaim as a jazz composer, arranger, bandleader, keyboardist, accompanist, and educator.
A demanding bandleader who insisted on a high level of professionalism, he rarely missed an opportunity to screw mates out of touring money or royalties.
Guille grooms her friend and adjusts her costume, shows a fondness for flowers--in her hair, in her mouth, hiding her face--and offers her ample thigh as a pillow for Belinda, who mugs outrageously for the camera, dons fake nails and swimming goggles, blows bubbles through a straw at goldfish in a tank, and, in two memorable images, traverses a barbed-wire fence to stand in a field in a kind of Cat in the Hat bandleader outfit pointing a stick at a pig.