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Synonyms for bandy

Synonyms for bandy

to give and receive

to speak together and exchange ideas and opinions about

Synonyms for bandy

toss or strike a ball back and forth

exchange blows

discuss lightly

have legs that curve outward at the knees

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Finalists were named today for the 2nd annual Bandies Awards, the broadband industry's premier awards show celebrating the creative evolution of the world's most important medium.
The Bandies Awards Show celebrates the best efforts of the broadband industry's leading creators to extend traditional television with new technologies and tools.
The Bandies, which is the cable industry's first and only broadband content awards show, took place in Los Angeles.
Interest in participation in the event among content and applications developers has been very good -- clearly stronger than last year," said Joann Pittelli, executive director and co-producer of The Bandies.
TV received the First Annual Bandies Award for "Best New Commerce Solution.
The event will return to the fabulous Grove Theatre in Anaheim, California -- site of last year's highly successful Bandies show and just one mile from the Anaheim Convention Center.
OpenTV (Nasdaq:OPTV) and (Euronext Amsterdam:OPTV), the world's leading interactive television company, and Discovery Channel(TM) were awarded top prize in the "Newest New Thing" category at The Bandies Awards 2001 during the Western Show 2001, the broadband industry's leading trade show in Anaheim, Calif.