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Synonyms for bandy

Synonyms for bandy

to give and receive

to speak together and exchange ideas and opinions about

Synonyms for bandy

toss or strike a ball back and forth

exchange blows

discuss lightly

have legs that curve outward at the knees

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The Bandies is an international awards show dedicated to the exploration of the ways in which emerging technology is reshaping television and the media.
We're very excited to see the growth of The Bandies in 2002," said C.
Winners will be announced at The Bandies 2001 Awards gala beginning at 8 p.
The Bandies," the TV industry awards show celebrating the creative evolution of the world's most important medium, today announced a distinguished roster of judges and new sponsors for this year's event.
House of Blues, the definitive home of live music, was named the Best Vertical Internet Site at last night's first-ever Bandies competition.
Executive produced and directed by Kelly Hommon, leading sponsors of The Bandies 2000 included: AT&T Broadband, Cahners Television Group, ICTV, Motorola Broadband Communications Sector, OpenTV, Game Show Network, The Cable Channel, Heavy.