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any of various agile ratlike terrestrial marsupials of Australia and adjacent islands

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Before granting this approval I asked Victoria to strengthen their bandicoot management strategy which will control major threats such as feral foxes, and provide for voluntary incentive programs to restore bandicoot habitat through a $30 million compensation trust fund.
The natural history of the bandicoot and the nature and operation of the Wan'kurra program is woven into the narrative through encounters and dialogue with the scientists and local residents.
He told Ant and Dec: "I knew you were going to crank it up today and make it hard and putting that bandicoot in there was definitely a good start.
Java isolates from animals in or near local government area, Australia, 1998-2009 * Species Year Reason for collection Bandicoot ([dagger]) 1998 Opportunistic screening Dog ([double dagger]) 2001 Unclear Black duck 2008 Near contaminated playground Black rat 2008 Trapped in contaminated playground Bandicoot 2008 Trapped in contaminated playground Brushtail possum 2009 Trapped in state park Bandicoot 2009 Trapped in state parks Bandicoot 2008-2009 Wildlife rescue Bandicoot 2009 Trapped in yard of a case- patient Bandicoot ([section]) 2009 Wildlife rescue No.
Sure enough, he breaks free and cooks up a scheme to destroy Crash by dressing in drag and attempting to seduce him as a female Bandicoot.
There's no skill in that, and the Crash Bandicoot experience quickly turns into a frustrating one.
We created the Crash Bandicoot pre-buy program with the retail community and consumers in mind," Tretton said.
When news of an unannounced game being announced for the PS4 on the eve of its release date, fans have thrown in the name Crash Bandicoot with high hopes.
As the prefix suggests, Sasha is owned by Ann Callanan of Bandicoot Tipoki fame, and Sasha is a September 2011 daughter of Crash and Bandicoot Lola.
May 27 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Bandicoot aficionados all over the world rejoiced today as Activision Publishing, Inc.
In fact, when Father Bandicoot does finally turn up, Bounce and his sister Pounce discover they can actually teach their father things, such as where to find the biggest grubs for breakfast.
These include titles such as Croc, Tomb Raider, FIFA Soccer, Crash Bandicoot and Colin McCrae Rally, to name just a few.
But the course held an extra obstacle for her - video-game character Crash Bandicoot lived up to his name and accidentally bowled her over.