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The companies will have to announce the quantities of required banderols a month earlier and upon having their request granted they will undertake to pay excise.
Philippe Amon, executive co-chairman of SICPA, said "a new generation of banderols has been designed to comply with the security guidelines from the Board of Revenue.
As a result, most pirated books are being sold with legal banderols, which has made the situation much worse for legal publishers", the survey was told.
As a company with close to 10 years of experience and expertise in the provision of total solutions for government excise/tax revenue protection, brand protection and security solutions and products, it provides services to design, print, store, supply and distribute security products including banderols (tax stamps).
Banderols are a key component of what will be a nationwide infrastructure program to track and trace products that are vulnerable to illicit trade.
As demands increase for an ever more sophisticated tax stamps, in the next few years the government plans to extend the use of barcodes to cigarettes as well as alcohol stamps, and to increase the products to which banderols will be applied (they are currently used on bottles of spirits only, and not on other alcohol drinks such as wine, beer or champagne).
This will be the first published study of tax stamps (also known as banderols or seals), of which more are produced than any other security-printed document except banknotes.
The Belarusian state and municipal authorities are the company's main customer to date, using the Latentogram on tax banderols and transport tickets (monthly ticket revenues reportedly went up 40% on adoption of the Latentogram, equipping inspectors and conductors with the filter to inspect tickets).
Under the previous arrangements every bottle of alcohol required two tax banderols, a federal and a provincial one, and each province was free to choose its own design and supplier, within the parameters laid down by government decree.
Under the direction of Dr Ajith Kumar, the optical division of C-DIT has been producing embossed hologram tax banderols for the government of Kerala for several years, which are laser printed with a serial number.