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the bullfighter who implants decorated darts (banderillas) into the neck or shoulders of the bull during a bull fight

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Then come the banderilleros who plunge brightly colored sticks with harpoon points into his back to ensue further blood loss and a terrible confusion.
These are the banderilleros, who also have a key role to play in the drama about to unfold.
As the crowd starts shouting for more action it is now the turn of the banderilleros.
Mandel's team of scholarly picadors, banderilleros, and matadors has done much to compensate for that neglect.
Elsewhere too, Bredendick amplifies the oblique subtleties inherent in choices that compel the reader "to see Death in the Afternoon as a work of art with a bullfight manual imbedded in it" (210) The dust jacket, for example, an ebullient, mass-cultural oil painting of a bull chasing a banderillero over a barrera, combines with the frontispiece, Juan Gris's cubist masterwork, The Bullfighter, a complex "intellectual" work, to highlight Hemingway's faith that "the bullfight encompasses mass culture; and fine art; and its audience includes highbrow and lowbrow alike" (217).
2) He longs for the days when "matadors often had from six to twelve years of apprenticeship as banderilleros and novilleros before becoming formal matadors" (60).
is always represented holding the cloth by the two corners"), and explains why banderilleros are prohibited from using both hands on the cape and why only matadors are to manipulate the bull with both hands on the cape.