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the bullfighter who implants decorated darts (banderillas) into the neck or shoulders of the bull during a bull fight

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Mandel's team of scholarly picadors, banderilleros, and matadors has done much to compensate for that neglect.
Al dar el quiebro de rodillas el banderillero Avalos, es volteado y herido levemente, salto la barrera al poco y causo en ella las siguientes averias: tres cornadas al picador Chato, graves constusiones a un guardia civil, rompio una pierna y tres costillas a un guardia municipal y un brazo a un sereno.
The bull Oficial, from the ranch of the Arribas brothers, fought in Cadiz the 5th of October, 1884, caught and gored a banderillero, jumped the barrera and gored the picador Chato three times, gored a civil-guard, broke the leg and three ribs of a municipal guard, and the arm of a night watchman.
The harpoons of the banderilleros followed, piercing the back in symmetrical pairs.
Next banderilleros run around the bull and plunge harpoon sticks into him, further tearing the flesh.
The banderilleros run around until the bull is dizzy and weak.
After the bull has been taunted and wounded with swords by the picadores and banderilleros, it is exhausted and bleeding profusely.
Matthews also points out that Wright mistakenly places artist El Greco in the Middle Ages, and many critics, both Spanish and Anglo, point to Wright's glaring error in his description of the bullfight, which aficionado Keneth Kinnamon calls "a real howler": Wright has the banderilleros precede the picadores; anyone who has ever attended a bullfight and every Spaniard would snicker at this mistake (160).
Then come the banderilleros who plunge brightly colored sticks with harpoon points into his back to ensue further blood loss and a terrible confusion.
These are the banderilleros, who also have a key role to play in the drama about to unfold.
Mandel gives us many relevant and thoroughly documented facts about bulls, bullfighting practices, taurine laws (Reglamento), and the purpose of all bullfighters in a cuadrilla, from the banderilleros to the picador.
2) He longs for the days when "matadors often had from six to twelve years of apprenticeship as banderilleros and novilleros before becoming formal matadors" (60).