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a light cylindrical box for holding light articles of attire (especially hats)

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Leading an elegant solitary life near the Canongate, good Miss Ramsay kept a great many cats in her own house boarded within individual bandboxes with doors to go in and out at leisure.
They also executed a demanding, crowd-pleasing, colourful, comical tap dance on five bandboxes.
Now, most of them are newer and smaller, in some cases bandboxes.
I would rather myself live in the smallest of our own well built houses with but one good English servant to wait on me, than in these gaudy bandboxes with the ignorant, idle, dirty bonnes of this country and subject to the dishonesty of all around us.
As the high school beat writer for the New York Post, Dan Martin trudges from sandlots to bandboxes reporting the accomplishments of the city's athletes.
In contrast, a pompous style without ideas resembles "mere showy, unsubstantial ornaments," empty bandboxes, "cumbrous draperies and flimsy disguises" (8.
Ballparks used to be little bandboxes made of wood (the original Polo Grounds, among other historic ballyards, burned down) with natural-grass playing surfaces, before becoming monstrous concrete structures with distant fences and Astro-turf--although a lot of the newer parks have returned to smaller seating capacity, intimate sightlines, and "real" grass.