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a light cylindrical box for holding light articles of attire (especially hats)

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Nicholas would insist upon carrying the basket, and Miss Snevellicci would insist upon carrying it herself, which gave rise to a struggle, in which Nicholas captured the basket and the bandbox likewise.
I look upon England today as an old gentleman who is travelling with a great deal of baggage, trumpery which has accumulated from long housekeeping, which he has not the courage to burn; great trunk, little trunk, bandbox, and bundle.
said Miss Jemima to a young lady of whom nobody took any notice, and who was coming downstairs with her own bandbox.
he could dress--just like he came out of a bandbox.
So saying, the surly man leisurely descended from the wheel, on which he had been poising himself on the tops of the toes of his right foot, and having summoned the boy in the gray livery, opened the coach door, flung down the steps, and thrusting in a hand enveloped in a dark wash-leather glove, pulled out the old lady with as much unconcern in his manner as if she were a bandbox.
Although a 'perfect little bandbox of a theatre', the City Theatre could not stage larger dramas of the period because of the restricted size of the stage and other facilities.
Sykes began his career writing for BBC Radio shows such as Educating Archie and Variety Bandbox.
After a spell at Butlin's as a Redcoat, he got his big break on Comedy Bandbox at the age of 22.
He left school at 15 and, after a spell at Butlin's as a Redcoat, he got his big break on Comedy Bandbox at the age of 22.
If you're looking to compare and contrast, try this: Autzen Stadium is a great place for football, but it's also a bandbox by comparison to many traditional powers.
Currently the director of the creative writing program at George Washington University, Thomas Mallon has published seven previous novels, including Bandbox (2004) and Fellow Travelers (*** July/Aug 2007), as well as seven works of nonfiction.
Talk about a bargain: for a couple of bucks you can buy your way into a bandbox gym to sit on hard bleachers and listen to the glorious cacophony of community.
After a five-week, pounds 300,000 facelift earlier this year, this lively pub is as smart as a bandbox.
The Visalia ballfield--usually referred to as Recreation Park, after the city park in which it sits--is the second smallest in all of baseball, a 1,612-seat bandbox, where front row is less than 30 feet from home plate.
Thomas Mallon, in Bandbox, raided the junk store for all the quirks and details he could get his hands on about jazz age New York.