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large and brightly colored handkerchief

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e rst one was about 6ft tall, of slim build and wearing a hooded top which was light in colour and a bandanna.
e second male was also wearing a bandanna and a hooded top and the third was wearing a black hooded top and black bandanna with white coloured circular patterns.
For 17 consecutive years we proudly supported the Carnations-Against-Cancer project, last year FNB and the Cancer Association agreed to inject freshness into the concept changing it from carnations to music, where FNB sponsored the Cinderella Opera which was a resounding success," said Ian Leyenaar, CEO of FNB at the launch of the FNB Bandanna campaign in collaboration with the Cancer Association of Namibia.
Leyenaar said that bandanna gained their origin from handkerchiefs or sherfones and females traditionally wore them.
The rest of the show includes a few collaboratively produced works on paper depicting red bandannas, two photographic self-portraits of the artist lying nude on a bed, and a wall-mounted sculpture of a large butt plug titled Coat Hook, 2004.
Are bandannas in the future for skating with long hair for you?
While we're on the topic of bandannas, I heard a rumor Jamie Thomas called you to ride for Fallen shoes; what happened with that?
LANCASTER - Two seventh-graders toting a toy pistol and wearing camouflage bandannas over their faces tried to rob a gasoline station market but were locked out by the quick-thinking clerk.
Purchase a supply of big bandannas from the bargain store to tie on under caps.
The ACLU's regional director in Texas questioned the constitutionality of dress codes imposed by malls that discourage certain clothing items favored by gang members, such as bandannas and baggy pants.
Ford will give away free bandannas at each of the 112 Komen Race for the Cure events nationwide.
Several wore gas masks, and hundreds wore bandannas over their faces.
The team donned bandannas, a trademark of 1996 state champion Eleazar Hernandez, who is now helping as an assistant coach.
They were unknown, they were completely covered with clothing and bandannas and they appeared to be gang types - they used gang-type verbiage,'' Braga said.