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large and brightly colored handkerchief

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Ideal for the imminent baby shower, last-minute gift, or for any household with one or more infants, The Baby Bandana Gift Set is comprised of a fun assortment of ultra-absorbent cloth bibs that adds a fun and stylish flair to any baby's wardrobe.
The idea of giving children a bandana is so that when their hair fell out they would have a bandana to hand and with the choices of colours and designs they would brighten up a child's day.
In his address, Dr Bandana said that the issue of ethnicity rises in the second generation of the South Asia settled in America.
2 2RAPHAEL YOU'LL spot the hot-headed rebel of the pack by his red bandana, right.
1LEONARDO THE most dedicated of all the Turtles, Leo, right, who wears a blue bandana, takes his responsibility as oldest brother very seriously.
One teenager is described as black or mixed race, between 12 and 13 years old, 5ft 3ins tall, slim and wearing a red bandana that had a paisley type pattern on it.
The strings on the top were tied and he was also wearing a bandana and black jogging bottoms.
England's Olympic gold medallist will wear a tartan bandana into the ring when the women's flyweight boxing competition gets under way on Monday.
England's Olympic gold medallist (pictured left) will wear a tartan bandana into the ring when the women's flyweight boxing competition gets under way on Monday.
Smith allegedly wore a bandana over his face and brandished a knife, demanding cash and cartons of cigarettes from a clerk about 2:30 a.
SAN ANGELO - The blue bandana whose long-held biological secrets led to the exoneration of Michael Morton and the indictment of Mark Alan Norwood in the 1986 killing of Christine Morton appeared in court on Wednesday.
One of the men was black with a red and white chequered bandana, while the other man was white and was wearing a black bandana, he said.
Fold a second bandana in half diagonally so that it becomes a triangle.
The 'Boot out Cancer day' replaced the Bandana Day which was held in cooperation with the First National Bank of Namibia.
Y Bandana: Y Bandana (COPA 2011) Out now Y Bandana's eponymous debut album is an explosive display of Welsh teenage exuberance.