band-tailed pigeon

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wild pigeon of western North America

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Probably the best way to do that is to prepare a flock of rock pigeons or band-tailed pigeons.
Once completed, the band-tailed pigeon genome will be used, Shapiro says, "as a scaffold on which to map the DNA of the passenger pigeon.
A hybrid of some sort, with a less-than- random selection of genes that hopefully impact the behavior or phenotype of a band-tailed pigeon and make it act more like a passenger pigeon.
The reconstituted genome will be inserted into a band-tailed pigeon stem cell that will transform it into a germ cell - precursor of egg and sperm.
The scientists then are going to inject the germ cells into developing band-tailed pigeons and as those birds mate, their eventual offspring will express the passenger pigeon genes, which is as close to being passenger pigeons as the available genetic material allows.
Band-tailed Pigeons (Patagioenas fasciata) range from Alaska into South America and are seasonally migratory on the Pacific Coast (Keppie and Braun 2000).
Calling behavior of Band-tailed Pigeons in reference to a census technique.
For the birds: The early season migratory upland game bird regulations for band-tailed pigeon are as follows: The season runs from Sept.
The old is the band-tailed pigeon, a popular game bird 40 to 50 years ago, when the state's hunters typically bagged 100,000 to 125,000 birds each fall.
Meanwhile, the commission will set 2009 migratory bird (waterfowl, dove, band-tailed pigeon and snipe) seasons based on U.
Meanwhile, for hunters of migratory birds (duck, goose, mourning dove, band-tailed pigeon, coot and snipe), several changes are in store during the upcoming season.
Some top geneticists in a non-profit are looking to see if they can create new living versions of the passenger pigeon, by editing the DNA of the closely related band-tailed pigeons, growing those birds from embryo and breeding them.
One day I looked out my window and noticed that jagged snag was hosting more than a dozen band-tailed pigeons.
The new stamp is required for all adult hunters pursuing pheasant, turkey, quail, doves, band-tailed pigeons, snipe, all species of grouse, chukar and ptarmigan.
Band-tailed pigeons and sea ducks: a permit will be required for each.