band together

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form a group or unite


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If there are any genuine public interest groups left in California, they should band together and bring law and order to the political arena through the initiative process.
Companies Band Together in Support of Electronic System-Level (ESL) Design and Verification at Upcoming Design Automation Conference
The supervisors also left open the possibility that the county would band together with cities served by Edison to shop for lower rates.
Designed to serve as a central gathering point for indies to band together and have their voices heard by the larger TV programming community, the blog is accessible at http://cableready.
This will be where we have all the band together, not just the freshmen.
Coast to coast, veterans will band together for Senator John Kerry.
In keeping with our history and with our resolve ``never again,'' we need to band together in support of NATO to rid our planet of tyrants.
We must band together now to correct the situation, or allow self-serving emotional spin to destroy this industry.
If council members want to be righteous in their condemnation, let's see them band together in condemning the criminal conduct of their own members whose misconduct they seem so comfortable with.
Coffee Roasters and Espresso Bar Owners of Seattle Band Together to
Now, more than ever, neighbors must band together to fight for the common good of their communities.
Zim Zum, who lives in Hollywood with Manson keyboardist Pogo, plans to produce tracks for others, record a solo album and put a band together.
However, we all recognize the remaining challenges ahead of us and this demonstrates that the industry participants will continue to band together to drive the industry forward," said Greg Stuart, President and CEO, IAB.
It's a solo acoustic tour, but I might regret that I didn't have time to put a band together and do something a little wilder,'' Colvin said.
Pharmacists are considered leaders within the health care industry so it is imperative that we, as a profession, band together to stop selling tobacco products that are known to cause 440,000 deaths in the United States each year.