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an endless saw consisting of a toothed metal band that is driven around two wheels

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In addition to serving the supermarket industry, KASCO is one of the largest suppliers of industrial band saw blades for applications ranging from meat and fish processing to wood and metal cutting.
Sand the surfaces of the two hardwood squares (or slice a thicker block in half with a table or band saw so grains will match, and sand all surfaces).
Europe, the United States, Japan and Germany are major bi-metal band saw blade producing countries in the world.
Installing a riser block on a typical 14-in, band saw increases its resaw capacity from 6 to 12 in.
Eagle Alloy used a friction band saw for many years, and the company's investment casting facility, which produces primarily stainless steel castings, still uses it today.
The Model KS450 Semi-Automatic Band Saw is designed for work requiring sawing of solids and structural shapes up to 14" at 90[degrees] in full cycle, semi-automatic operation, and double mitering-60[degrees] to either left or right--with a variable speed blade from 60 to 360 fpm.
Scotchman says the American-made, VC-20 vertical contour band saw can cut wood, plastic, steel, aluminum or stainless steel.
The Brummie band saw An End Is A Start - their follow-up to The Back Room - go straight to No 1 while the first single Smokers Outside The Hospital Doors went Top 10.
DoALL Sawing Products is introducing its Model DC-310NC dual-column metalcutting band saw with a wider 1-1/4" blade for greater beam strength and a more powerful 5hp band-drive motor that can saw rectangles up to 12"x12" and rounds up to 12" diameter.
A band saw is recommended when the customer needs a tool that will handle heavy-duty cutting work on a constant basis.
Rex Parris High School student Evelyn Tugh; and sponsor Harley Frank, president of National Band Saw Co.
Wegener North America is showing a new band saw for off-line cutting of pipe and profiles.
Tool box essentials like a hack saw and a pipe cutter are handy, but when it comes to tackling bigger projects like cutting thick circular or rectangular pipe, or conduit, nothing beats the versatility of a cordless band saw.