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Though increased presence of band neutrophils may be seen in a variety of diseases such as bacterial and viral infections, inflammatory processes, neoplasms, and other diseases, the WBC and the absolute neutrophil count may serve as a better diagnostic tool.
3], his band neutrophil level was 17%, and his C-reactive protein level was 10.
On differential cell counts, a band neutrophil is now a band neutrophil in all labs in the area.
We drew 10 peripheral blood cells for the package: RBC, platelet, band neutrophil, segmented neutrophil, normal and variant lymphocytes, two monocyte variations, eosinophil, and basophil.
The patient's neutrophil count (2,553 cells/[micro]L) was within low reference limits, accompanied by 5% band neutrophils, and mild thrombocytopenia (148,000 platelets/[micro]L).