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(formal) ordinary and not refined

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For Arendt, this explains the contempt in which the philosophers held the craftsmen; they were of banausic mentality (unable to think and judge a thing apart from its function or utility) and as such posed a threat to the political realm, let alone the achievement and exercise of intellectual virtue.
15) Newman is directly concerned with the utilitarian view, already powerful in his day, that would reduce education to banausic training.
And one symptom of this change is that most business schools--always at the banausic fringe of the university's intellectual enterprise and increasingly more marginalized than ever--now make not the slightest pretense of disguising their essentially vocational orientation.
As Childe put it (1958: 69): 'My Oxford training was in the Classical tradition to which bronzes, terracottas and pottery (at least if painted) were respectable while stone and bone tools were banausic.
In regard to the entire scientific enterprise, she condemns it as banausic and treats its very real accomplishments with unveiled contempt.
Apart from powerful ripping and conversion ability, this app still integrated with some simple and banausic editing function like merging video files, trimming video clips and setting video effect.
This tool still integrated with some banausic editing functions which is able to merge chapters into a whole movie, trim clips, cut off black bars with crop, set effect, de-interlace and replace audio.