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(formal) ordinary and not refined

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If it does not, we're in the wrong field, or our goals have degenerated to the banausic, the quotidian.
75) If correctly reconstructed and interpreted, these dedications would represent an unusually direct link between the banausic occupation of the patron and the form of a monumental dedication, and would identify as potters or vase painters four patrons whose occupation would otherwise remain unknown: Aischines (DAA 48), Smikros (DAA 53), Kepha[los] (the joint dedicator of DAA 209 with Iatrokles), and Xenokles, son of Sosineos (DAA 42).
If one favored position is that teachers become adept at a set of merely banausic skills, another is that teaching should be a research-based profession (Hargreaves, 1997).
For Arendt, this explains the contempt in which the philosophers held the craftsmen; they were of banausic mentality (unable to think and judge a thing apart from its function or utility) and as such posed a threat to the political realm, let alone the achievement and exercise of intellectual virtue.
15) Newman is directly concerned with the utilitarian view, already powerful in his day, that would reduce education to banausic training.
And one symptom of this change is that most business schools--always at the banausic fringe of the university's intellectual enterprise and increasingly more marginalized than ever--now make not the slightest pretense of disguising their essentially vocational orientation.
Shakespeare's audiences favored the tragically flawed heroes among the ruling class, with interludes of "mechanicals"--that is, servants and others among the banausic classes--to laugh at; the Jacobean taste ran to aristocratic horror stories, including incest, murder, torture, and other eccentric delights.
The movements of the 1960s have largely sunk, marxism-leninism has been pulverised, and post-structuralism is banausic, but Castoriadis' ontological insights prevent him from eternalising the present as Fukuyama does, or Bell did before Fukuyama.
The Woods (1978) claim that Plato associates poverty and engagement in banausic trades with the lack of moral character.
In regard to the entire scientific enterprise, she condemns it as banausic and treats its very real accomplishments with unveiled contempt.
The real reason for calling banausic occupations slavish was, however, more banal: it was that the great majority of banausic workers in Aristotle's day, at any rate in Athens, were actually slaves.
11) The harmonic meandering would be the analogon of the contemporary walking from one subway station to the other, from one object to the other, (12) in their supreme and banausic equivalency.
Apart from powerful ripping and conversion ability, this app still integrated with some simple and banausic editing function like merging video files, trimming video clips and setting video effect.
14) On the other hand, the unguarded remark in the journal, ~we are both strong enough in these matters for gentlemen', may imply that excessive pedantry is demeaning for those who aspire to be gentlemen, and that gentlemen can extract what is really valuable in classical literature without engaging in the banausic labours of the pedant.