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the skin of a banana (especially when it is stripped off and discarded)


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The report highlights some of the many banana skins which can befall parttime operators.
I stopped in front of one of the wheely bins, opened the top and dropped in my banana skin.
The CSFI's biennial Banking Banana Skins sCiurvey, produced in association with PwC, revealed the overwhelming message from respondents: the weight of new regulation is becoming excessive and could dampen economic recovery and growth.
Chucking The wild land charity say up to 1000 banana skins can be found near the 4406ft summit at any time.
Elizabeth Littlefield, CGAP's chief executive officer, said: "This year's Banana Skins survey highlights cracks and fissures in microfinance that have surfaced with the global economic crisis.
Microfinance Banana Skins 2008, published at a time when the sector is undergoing dramatic changes, reveals strong doubts among microfinance practitioners, investors and observers about the ability of many MFIs to adapt to new demands while still retaining their social objectives.
Popular false beliefs include claims that smoking banana skins makes you high and cannabis cleans the lungs, campaigners said.
Georgina Taubman, waste development officer fromWaste Awareness Wales, said: Banana skins and tea bags can be composted in your garden.
SPREAD banana skins round roses - they love calcium, sulphur, sodium and magnesium.
Yes folks, the FA Cup's in full swing and everyone who's anyone is talking about banana skins.
However, Ibrox boss Alex McLeish has an alarming history of slipping on Scottish Cup banana skins.
NEW YORK & LONDON -- The resilience of the global microfinance industry will be put to the test by the economic crisis, according to a new survey of the risks to the business, Microfinance Banana Skins 2009.
I can't help looking down for banana skins, though.
Championship football takes a break this weekend with the WKD Intermediate Cup taking the attention, with the top clubs hoping to avoid many of the potential banana skins.
I have never seen so many banana skins and water bottles lying around.