banana skin

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the skin of a banana (especially when it is stripped off and discarded)


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I believe I will be Morpeth's third counter as only three of us are doing it, although I may not be able to count for the team as my Morpeth vest will be hidden by my banana skin.
The pair reacted by throwing a banana skin and a small shot glass -- before launching a vicious attack, punching and kicking their target as he lay on the ground.
We've overcome a potential banana skin and just hope now for a bit of luck in the draw.
Shaking my head, I opened the bin and picked out my banana skin.
He said: "It's always in the back of your mind in the Cup, the banana skin thing.
We have got several clean sheets now and we've got players who can go and nick a goal if we are not winning by a convincing scoreline," said an upbeat Wilkin who is all too aware of the banana skin factor when taking on lower league sides.
Maddy Smith, Tamworth CLEAN leather bags by rubbing them with the inside of a banana skin or alternatively you can use a cloth dipped in a little egg white that has been whisked until frothy.
According to daily Kibris, during a meeting with banana exporters in Turkey, Bagis likened Cyprus' turn at the helm of the EU Presidency to banana skin.
Switzerland is a strong team so if we don't apply ourselves right they're a potential banana skin," Lescott added.
Haye's trainer Adam Booth said: "David and I both know that this fight with Ruiz is a massive banana skin in David's plans of becoming a long-term champion and unifying the titles," Booth said.
It's like a banana skin placed in the middle of an ice rink that's had oil poured all over it when you're at the bitter end of a three-day bender and your shoes are made of eels.
Yes, you read that right--20% of us ore rather partial to munching on a banana skin.
It is not so much a banana skin for Blair, as a banana skin event for all those innocents who voted him his last big majority.
Stephanie Morrow watches as Michelle Pope, 14, left, stitches a banana skin.
GRANT HOLT was the star of the show as he ensured Dale avoided a potential banana skin at Conference club Stevenage.