banana peel

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the skin of a banana (especially when it is stripped off and discarded)


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Cancer was a big banana peel field, but Giovanni was determined to make it through that field to the rainbows in her life.
So musing about people appearing from nowhere and the likelihood of slipping on banana peels is more than mere navel-gazing.
A silica gel column chromatography of ethanol extract (60 g) of the unripe banana peel was performed.
The 16-year-old student from ystanbul spent two years perfecting a way to make a bioplastic out of banana peel that could, in turn, be used for the electrical insulation of cables.
The researchers found that minced banana peel could quickly remove lead and copper from river water as well as, or better than, many other materials.
Whereas everyone could certainly see and react to the potential for a slip on a banana peel someone who is not an expert may not be able to recognize the difference between a legal versus illegal riser at a sidewalk curb.
99) includes a buildable Mario figure, a banana peel item, plus a pull-back motor and pieces to build his standard kart, exactly like in the game.
Their report, which concludes that minced banana peel performs better
Amir Iqbal while narrating his experience said that he slipped due to a banana peel and his feet was damaged.
But someone always threw a banana peel on the path to the EU, precisely at the most important moment for the state, he writes.
Cardiff council is sending up to 200 tonnes a day of green waste from banana peel to grass cuttings to Derbyshire to be composted.
Remove two strips of banana peel and cut the banana carefully into 2.
They also collect banana peel, apple cores and other fruit and vegetable leavings to go in the school compost bin.
Chlordecone does not affect the fruit itself because the chemical does not pass through the banana peel.