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moist bread containing banana pulp

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Banana bread 3 old bananas mashed 75ml sunflower oil 225g self-raising flour 1 tsp bicarbonate of soda 80g sultanas 1 Preheat your oven to 180C and lightly grease your loaf tin.
In addition to the return of the seasonal favorite Caramel Bon Bon Pancakes, guests can indulge in IHOP restaurant's newest innovation: Banana Bread French Toast which brings the warm, beloved taste of rich banana bread grilled in vanilla French Toast batter and topped with the sweetness of caramel sauce.
Another time, Nowlin suggests taking a slice or two of vegetable pizza; a snack-size can of mixed fruits; celery, carrot and cucumber sticks along with a few cherry tomatoes and plain yogurt for dipping, a slice of banana bread or a banana muffin and a nutritious beverage such as low-fat chocolate milk.
Bonnie: These new Eggo Banana Bread waffles are a classic example of follow the leader - in this case the banana-flavor-for-breakfast leader.
Traditional springtime bread selections can include banana bread, wheat or whole grain breads or cinnamon bread.
When the family arrives home from services, they are ravenous,'' said Zipperstein, adding that ``they usually grab a glass of orange juice and a sweet, such as banana bread, while I am putting the finishing touches on the rest of the meal mostly prepared the day before.
Flowers Foods today announces that, as a precaution, it is voluntarily recalling the products listed below with the following Best By Date Codes: Aug 2nd 155 0227; Aug 3rd 155 0237; Aug 5th 155 0257; Aug 6th 155 0267; and Aug 8th 155 0267 (raisin and banana bread only).
Four runner-up sandwiches included "Peanut Butter Pineapple Paradise", made with Jif, a chocolate chip bagel, pineapple slices and brown sugar; a "Pizza Sandwich", made on a toasted English muffin with Jif, strawberry jam, banana slices, chocolate syrup and coconut; "Jack's Phat Snack", made with banana bread, Jif, ice cream, chocolate candy and crushed wafer cookies; and a "Happy Face Sandwich", made with Jif, banana, pineapple, coconut, and chocolate syrup in a pita pocket.
Some of the most popular varieties are: homestyle, buttermilk, blueberry, strawberry, apple cinnamon, cinnamon toast, banana bread, mini waffles, Nutri-Grain(R) Eggo(R) waffles, and Special K(R) Eggo(R) waffles.
One of her main duties is to bake banana bread and cookies for the homeless.
The new oatmeal is available in Cinnamon and Banana Bread varieties.
It was easier than I thought it would be to find mackerel, rice salad and cous cous but even the huge superstore I went to stopped short of lassi and banana bread.
On Monday, Grandma said, "Have a piece of my wonderful oatmeal banana bread.
I could have gone on to bake banana bread and a raisin and nut loaf which sound tasty.
One person's wonderfully ripe banana is only fit for another person's banana bread.