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Gerda banally hands around the eggs, unaware of the significance of
Both brutally if banally violent (fearful for his life Chopper has his own ears sliced off to get transferred) and blackly comic, its exploration of criminality and celebrity never seeks to romanticise its subject, but Bana's brilliant, character inhabiting performance ensures that while he's a thug he's a fascinating repulsive yet pathetic figure.
Too often she appears content to be the barefoot supplicant at her lover's door, as in another banally titled poem, "Ein Lied der Liebe" ("A Love Poem"):
She admits in another of her fine paradoxes that "rarely has an exquisite writer deliberately written so banally.
It doesn't have any wise answer like "The Lady and the Tiger," which proposes an interesting but finally almost banally managed question.
Thus delivery of power and telecommunications to the workplace is via the banally simple device of perimeter trunking and vertical drops from the ceiling.
Many products today are created without any visual style, or are so banally packaged that they are overlooked.
And if man exercises such liberty egoistically, instead of rejoining himself, reflectingly and lovingly, in the being and in the good that God irrevocably is, he will only manage, as our mortal life shows he has timelessly done, to make evil real, the same evil that exists only potentially in God but is ferociously and banally present in the human world.
Sometimes the singing parts layer up and the originally consecutive parts of the text are sung together, but otherwise practically nothing that would at first sight deviate from the translation of the text into vocal declamation in a routine and even banally archaistic way (frequent fifth doubling, diatonics).
But there is nothing idly cute or banally sentimental about Commere -- whose writing, let it be stressed, can venture further afield, into the city (his 1989 Dijon) or across the now shaky national frontier (Soleil en Toscane, 1994) -- nor can it be argued that his preoccupations are political or in some flat way culturally inspired.
Compared to this, our first introduction to Harry Powell in the flesh, as it were, is almost banally naturalistic.
I am thinking of the highminded TV show where while an actor reads Stevens's "The Snow Man," we are shown banally artistic footage of a snowman.
Rushdie himself has banally participated in this simplistic typology, becoming in turn the secular free-speech advocate(63) and the devout convert to Islam.
Ishiuchi wants to turn the ordinary into the abstract: to purify the presence of certain otherwise ugly, unsightly, banally human shapes.
Think: Another banally sanitized adaptation of the best seller starring a district attorney's assistant (Angie Everhart) who gets in a car wreck and winds up in a murder mystery.