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The film, called The Bamboozler, also stars the instrument that spawned its title.
That high has, of course, dissipated by now, and attention will turn towards the willow wielders, rib-breakers and bamboozlers with the on-field party beginning with the opening game of the season between the Mumbai Indians, the defending champions, and the Kolkata Knight Riders on Wednesday night.
Embezzlers, bamboozlers, no-good shoe-shiners, you have pleased me
WONKA is revealing for the first time - exclusively to Bamboozlers - its one-of-a-kind imagination station: WONKAvision.
And How to Get Them," author Stanley Bing lists "sports bloviator" as an attainable career on par with bamboozlers who call themselves a Feng Shui consultant, an aquarium cleaner for the rich, a handwriting analyst, a pet psychic, a roadkill collector or the Vice President of the United States.