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Bamboozled brought director Spike Lee a set of challenges opposite Paterson's.
RIP Indy500 winner (Mandy Charlton) I'm still mainly bamboozled by Google+, I am making an effort to start using it though as I'm sure it's the future gshizzy (GeordieShore) If I see that Wile E.
THE football world has been bamboozled by big money transfers in the past week or two - pounds 50 million here, pounds 35 million there - it's all gone a bit crazy.
The Clerk of the House intervened to say that Chief Superintendent Bateman had bamboozled the Serjeant and tricked her into keeping the matter from her immediate superiors.
And I'm not the biggest Tony Capaldi fan, but he bamboozled the Bristol defence before finding Paul Parry for the penalty.
The public are not being bamboozled or paying more - he is just confusing his calendar year with the council's financial year - ending March 31 - which has always been so.
Brad Hogg finished with figures of three for 17 off six overs as his left-arm chinamen bamboozled the Bangladeshi batsmen.
Were you actually bamboozled by that slight-of-hand stuff from Tagliabue the Magnificent (minus the top hat and black cape) as he stood on the steps of City Hall and pulled not one, but two NFL teams out of thin air, before hopping into his limo and disappearing?
The police were bamboozled at first because they thought it was an inside job.
The time flame for Massood's study runs from 1912, when the Foster Photoplay Company released The Railroad Porter, to two 2000 releases: Spike Lee's Bamboozled and John Singleton's Shaft.
McWhorter blasts Spike Lee's Bamboozled as unwatchable while praising the insipid Swordfish for it's colorblind casting of Halle Berry.
Tuffers would have Tendulkar and Co bamboozled on these dust-bowls.
Having seen off one manager in the space of three weeks, Stanley could soon be bamboozled by a boss spouting on about eyebrows, lollypops, back sticks and tricky ones round the corner.
At her luxury home in Perthshire, Katie said: "I'm bamboozled.
It's quite easy to get bamboozled by the really bizarre aspects.