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edible young shoots of bamboo

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She sat still and peaceful, munching on the bamboo shoot I had prepared.
Phyllostachys vivax bamboo shoot was one of preferred breeds for the captive giant pandas in Zhejiang Province (unpublished data).
Also the bamboo shoot based diets are rich source of dietary fibres and phytosterols and less cholesterol contents which make them one of the popular natural health foods.
That isn't to say Americans don't appreciate the subtle sweet flavor and distinct tender crunch of bamboo shoots in their stir fry and curry--it just hasn't crossed into mainstream American menus yet.
Frequent projects see them using a sweet potato as an ocarina, a bamboo shoot as a flute, and a yam might become a whistle.
Then followed the only non-pink dish of the night, wakame to takenoko no o-suimono, a light but intensely-flavoured clear seaweed broth with fresh bamboo shoot -- again, at its seasonal peak.
For the bamboo shoot tempura: In pot, place Coca-Cola[R],
ANY adults who think they've drawn the short bamboo shoot if they have to take youngsters to watch this animated tale of a plump bear with a heart as big as his belly won't need to grin and bear it.
You'll also find instructions on how to prepare Fresh Spring Rolls, Bamboo Shoot Dumplings, Vietnamese Coleslaw, Papaya Salad, Hot-and-Sour Soup with Pineapple and Tamarind, Stuffed Cabbage Soup, Pho (noodle soup), Clay Pot Vegetables, Tofu Stew with Coconut Juice, Rice Cupcakes with Savory Fillings, Banana and Tapioca Pudding, Vietnamese Iced Coffee, and much more.
In addition to the paper pulp industries, the potential of bamboo on other large-scale industries like bamboo shoot processing, bamboo based boards, flooring boards, furniture, new uses in building and road construction, etc.
When Addie bakes him a cake, with a bamboo shoot in the top for a decoration, he asks if it is her birthday.
Fujian Yada's business consists of growing, processing and distributing over 100 varieties of fresh and processed agricultural products, including bamboo shoot products, fresh vegetables and fruits, and processed vegetables.
Ranging from the specially cooked pork with bamboo shoots, sticky rice cooked in various ways harvested from the Naga Hills, steamed fish cooked with bamboo shoot and Naga spices or 'Akha Khulo' to salads, chutneys which are prepared using the famous king chilly or 'bhut jolokia' and the locally grown green herbs remained a hit among residents.
Bamboo shoot is another acquired flavour, pungent as it is and really sharp on the tongue.
The products that will be removed from stores' shelves were identified as Mua Yu Sesame Oil, Bullhead Barbeque Sauce, Bullhead Brand Hot and Spicy Barbeque Sauce, Wei Chuan Pickled Bamboo Shoot Strips in Chili Oil, Wei Chuan Pickled Bamboo Shoots and Wei Chuan Canned Tausi Eel.