bamboo shoot

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edible young shoots of bamboo

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She sat still and peaceful, munching on the bamboo shoot I had prepared.
Must-try: Scallop with sesame sauce, bamboo shoot soup
along with a large amount of bamboo shoot and its products as common food throughout the year.
These bamboo shoots are young, new canes that are harvested for food before they are two weeks old or one-foot tall.
You'll also find instructions on how to prepare Fresh Spring Rolls, Bamboo Shoot Dumplings, Vietnamese Coleslaw, Papaya Salad, Hot-and-Sour Soup with Pineapple and Tamarind, Stuffed Cabbage Soup, Pho (noodle soup), Clay Pot Vegetables, Tofu Stew with Coconut Juice, Rice Cupcakes with Savory Fillings, Banana and Tapioca Pudding, Vietnamese Iced Coffee, and much more.
When Addie bakes him a cake, with a bamboo shoot in the top for a decoration, he asks if it is her birthday.
Bamboo shoot is another acquired flavour, pungent as it is and really sharp on the tongue.
PANDAS The pandas arrived in Scotland today Both were jet-lagged with not much to say They are kept in isolation for a day or two Before they get to meet the likes of me and you Given a little time to settle down Soon there will be strangers all around With snow and ice on the ground We hope the pandas will soon abound Bamboo shoot is almost all they eat I wonder what they get for a Sunday treat Perhaps in a year or so or more The pandas will amount to four I hope having a headache is not on her mind It's costing a lot of money for a baby of her kind We have ten years for the bears to breed Let's hope for the zoo's sake they succeed G McLANDERS, Byker.
Each newborn bamboo in the plots was labeled and its growing days was recorded from the time of bamboo shoot emergence from the ground.
THONGCHAI JAIDEE, the former paratrooper whose first golf club was a three-iron head stuck on a bamboo shoot, is a hard man to beat in his own neck of the woods and the start of the Gulf Swing in Abu Dhabi tomorrow gives punters the chance to jump on a bandwagon that shows no sign of slowing down, writes Jeremy Chapman.
Some liken it to a giant bamboo shoot of glass and steel.
The rest of the range is made up by 340g or 400g bags of Beansprouts, Water-chestnuts, Bamboo Shoot mix and Chinese Vegetables--all without seasoning.
Several examples of Hosai's haiku from 1925 are as follows: "A mountain temple lighted, looking at it I pass by"; "Napping feet's undersides show, I visit"; "I smell an evening gardenia flower and show it to you"; "A spider has caught a dragonfly under the caves I'm living"; "Stepping on and breaking a bamboo shoot, replying.
Fujian Yada's business consists of growing, processing and distributing over 100 varieties of fresh and processed agricultural products, including bamboo shoot products, fresh vegetables and fruits, and processed vegetables.
An old bamboo cutter, voiced by Hollywood veteran James Caan (The Godfather, Rollerball and Elf) is startled when he discovers the tiny feminine form inside a bamboo shoot.