bamboo curtain

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an ideological barrier around communist China especially in the 1950s and 1960s

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Much more so than in the era of the Iron and Bamboo Curtains, the well being of the Chinese government and its people is linked with global stability that keeps shipping lanes open.
Then, a nation will truly re-emerge from behind the bamboo curtain to rejoin the world.
Caterpillar, which entered the Chinese market soon after President Nixon cracked open the Bamboo Curtain, takes the market so seriously that it has shaped the experience base of top management.
But with the sport growing in popularity every year there are some suggestions the top 16 rankings in 2010 could be dominated by players from behind the Bamboo Curtain.
Monday - Travelogue ``Raise the Bamboo Curtain - Vietnam and Burma.
And for good measure they've performed with James Galway and a string of classical orchestras from Shanghai to Cincinnati, even appearing at the Last Night of the Proms and twenty years ago played a gig on the Great Wall of China, the first Western band to crack the Bamboo Curtain.
Caption(s): Ellery Homestyles' Spiral appeals to the young and trendy / Bed Bath & Beyond (above) goes natural and plain with bamboo curtain panel, while PB Teen (left) spices up its bamboo window offering with a hand-painted design.
Since the lifting of the Bamboo Curtain in the 1990s, Beijing and its once-hidden age-old cultural treasures has become one of the world's top holiday destinations.
Russia had a total isolationist policy behind the Iron Curtain and China behind the Bamboo Curtain.
ACHINESE human rights campaigner who fled to Birmingham says he will be placed under house arrest then flung in jail if sent back behind the Bamboo Curtain.
gr ev th st ywtr wpi iWG In 1980, after years touring with bands and travelling the world on exotic photoshoots, including visiting China with Wham and George Michael on their groundbreaking visit behind the Bamboo Curtain, he joined The Face magazine, a key publication in an increasingly fashion-conscious world.
In 1980, Boro hosted China as part of a tour of England as they tentatively stepped from behind the Bamboo Curtain to engage with the beautiful game.
I admit that since I retired behind the bamboo curtain, it has been quite remiss of me not to keep in touch more often.
GAZZA was the Geordie footballer who blazed a trail behind the bamboo curtain to China before spectacularly self-destructing.