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Synonyms for balustrade

a railing at the side of a staircase or balcony to prevent people from falling

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As the walkway passes between great arches in the wall, and outside to ground level, it turns into a glass balustraded bridge.
Here, Francisco Rider Pereira da Silva, alone in a balustraded enclosure with a tombstone-sized block of ice, gingerly wet his feet in a growing puddle.
Its red brick facade is relieved by the Georgian-style portico entrance and a balustraded balcony above the garaging.
Entering the house from the courtyard, you come to a luminous sitting room, a double-height void defined at the upper level by the balustraded edges of a gallery where bedrooms and more private quarters are to be found.
A fragile flight of glass balustraded stairs, toplit on the west, rises from basement to top (first) floor of the building, its curving trajectory lent dynamism by opposition to the crescent's curve.