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a railing at the side of a staircase or balcony to prevent people from falling

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The system consists of factory drilled post sleeves and balusters manufactured to accommodate top and bottom rail applications.
These cabinets were inspired by turned balusters in ancestral homes.
Sunbelt's Bartow plant also produces specialty items like balusters, pattern stock, decking and firring strips and the two new plants may one day expand to offer these products as well.
New metal balusters can give your existing wood deck a sleek, modern feel.
I went shopping for some deck balusters at a big-box store and came away with sticker shock.
Repairs have also been carried out with 100 stone balusters replaced to mirror original features.
The open nature of the balusters helps with this as light can pass freely through.
The speed rail kit includes three 6-foot rails; the baluster kit includes 14 balusters, and post sleeves, caps and collars are packaged individually.
In the past five months, the housing enforcement division responded to 11 complaints and found 28 violations, including an inoperable toilet, a missing toilet seat, missing electrical cover plates, missing bathtub control knobs, a cracked ceiling, water damaged ceiling tiles and missing balusters.
An impressive main staircase still boasts its original polished handrail and balusters.
It featured very fine heavy barley-twist balusters - the sole example in Brecon of this style.
Providing foam solutions to builders/developers/homeowners/ with interior and exterior retrofit architectural and bldg components (crown molding, columns, cornices, balusters, bannisters, window arches, and door trim) signage, theater stage props, trade show displays, landscape molds, etc.
Jel'd Poly Kote 275 does not run or drip and therefore is often used on overhead work and on intricate surfaces such as stairway railings and balusters.
For extra decorative purposes, adding vertical balusters will finish off any handrail and turn the decking into a more prominent design feature in your garden.
The property features enormous two-story picture windows, ornamental cast iron balusters and 22 terra-cotta gargoyles.