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one of a number of closely spaced supports for a railing

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Usually of baluster form, the lower third acts as a reservoir for boiling water, filled through a projecting beak-like opening placed directly opposite the long, slender spout at right angles to the handle.
The system consists of factory drilled post sleeves and balusters manufactured to accommodate top and bottom rail applications.
The Baluster line featured classic spindles found in staircases, and Mangan (which means eat) depicted a fork and a spoon and Filipino food such as adobo.
The house, built from mud and stony rocks and decorated with a raised ceiling of wooden baluster, thin rails and palm leaves, has many rooms and big private courtyards.
To prevent small children and pets from squeezing through, the distance between each baluster cannot exceed 4" for line sections and 4-3/8" for stairs.
Items of quality will always bring collectors to auctions who pay high prices for the right lots, as with this unusually large and impressive set of four late Victorian silver table candlesticks of rococo style with scrolling foliate and floral baluster stems on similar shaped circular bases.
It's Grade II-listed and the interior will knock your socks off, with eye-popping Minton-Hollins tiles, stained and leaded windows, ornately carved wooden bars, tiled arches and an elaborate wrought iron baluster running up a wide staircase.
Baluster dining table ($4,500), Clarksdale openwork carved screen ($7,500) and Atlas andiron bench ($2,550).
Yet a complete replacement staircase, or even simply replacing the spindles, stair baluster and newel posts, can be hugely effective and transform a hallway.
Grab on to great ideas THE dated boxed-in section and metal handrail did nothing for the staircase so we opted for a simple 2x2 timber baluster with rich mahogany handrail to tie in with the new living room floor.
The speed rail kit includes three 6-foot rails; the baluster kit includes 14 balusters, and post sleeves, caps and collars are packaged individually.
They walked up a wide marble staircase, the baluster ornamented with gilt cupids, the walls hung with silk and gold-framed depictions of the conquests of Zeus, the shower of gold the most erotic.
THIS is a pair of 19thcentury Canton covered vases of baluster form, right, with twin gilt lion dog ring handles.
ornate and delicate as spun sugar--each S of railing, each baluster and flagpole bearing les couleurs --gleams the parched zinc of roadkill the crows picked clean.
Also included are tips for dealing with contractors who will almost certainly be men and even if they don't consider females easy marks for a variety of scams are unlikely to expect them to know a baluster from a barge board.