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a plant of the genus Balsamorhiza having downy leaves in a basal rosette and yellow flowers and long balsam-scented taproots

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Among the blooms we saw are columbine, bleeding hearts, vanilla leaf, twin fairy bells, camus, larkspur, balsamroot, mariposa lily (or cat's ears lily), Indian paintbrush, yellow-leafed iris, chocolate lily, Oregon sunshine, bunchberry, stonecrop, pink plectritis, starry Solomon's seal, to name a few.
The balsamroot were just beginning to spread pale yellow patterns across the ridgetops of the Umatilla River drainage.
Studio B Jewelry and Balsamroot Boutique, 101 Cottage Ave.
arrow-leaf balsamroot is flowering there, and cottonwoods fill out.
Also look here for yellow monkeyflower, sunflower-like balsamroot, and blue camas.
While apple, strawberry, and ginger wines are common, more unusual recipes include Japanese knotweed, Prune, Cattail, Madrone Bark, Arrowleaf Balsamroot, and wild flowers like violet, rose, and wisteria.
Stalks of arrowleaf balsamroot sway in the breeze, piquing the bear's inquisitiveness.
Kirsta Trammel, 25, and her mom, Sherry Trammel-Schauls, 52, opened Balsamroot Boutique at Pybus at 3 N.
Balsamroot focuses on selling local and quality handcrafted artisan goods with a specialty in jewelry, soaps, bags and home decor items, but will also be selling other .
Big yellow balsamroot flowers bloom among the sagebrush here in April.
Columbia Station also got an upgrade this year, with a new food service tenant, Balsamroot Bakery, and a remodel of the guest services area.
Suite A, Wenatchee; $25,000 for tenant improvements for Balsamroot Baking LLC.
Heather Ostenson's Balsamroot Bakery is moving into the cafe space, expected to open in June or July.
Her proposal, as Balsamroot Bakery, includes providing salads and sandwiches and "to go" items for Link and Trailways passengers, as well as baked goods, with inside and outside seating.