balsam poplar

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poplar of northeastern North America with broad heart-shaped leaves

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The average is also lower than those given for the cottonwoods: balsam poplar, black, and eastern, which have MOEs of 7,580 MPa, 8,760 MPa, and 9,450 MPa, respectively.
In the forest zone of the park's front country, splashes of bright gold were everywhere, courtesy of the thick stands of willow, trembling aspen, paper birch and balsam poplar.
At higher elevations, the vegetation includes such trees as white spruce (Picea glauca) and balsam poplar (Populus balsamifera), with an understory of willows (Salix alaxensis, S.
American poplars include cottonwood, balsam poplar, bigtooth aspen and quaking aspen.
7 million of the 3M Foundation gift would be dedicated to conservation work in the Tallgrass Aspen Parkland region of Minnesota, which is a vast and wild patchwork of aspen, balsam poplar, prairies and fens stretching over 1.