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medium-sized fir of northeastern North America

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On balsam fir-dominated understory plots with abundant BTBWs, not only were balsam fir stem densities greater, balsam firs also were taller than other understory species (Table 2).
In addition to nesting in both balsam fir and deciduous cover < 1 m tall, BTBWs often nested in the lower branches of balsam firs that were 1-2 m high (LJK and KRH pers.
As a result, the tree rings indicate, these extra animals grazed very heavily on balsam firs between 1988 and 1991, the two ecologists report.
There, wolves prey on moose, which munch extensively on balsam fir foliage.
Millbury, estimated about 30 people trekked to the farm where she has about three acres set aside for balsam firs, concolor, or white, firs and Fraser firs and white pines.
About two hours later Peter Kunigonis, who lives in the Lake Avenue area of Worcester, was reaching the top of a path going into the parking area of Maple Hill Farm with an approximately 8-foot-tall balsam fir.
Then, beneath the hedge I saw another forest--delicate little balsam firs rising green as grass, symmetrical as Christmas trees.