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medium-sized fir of northeastern North America

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Each side rail of my timber bed frame is built with two 84-inch balsam firs and three 10- to 12-inch-long cedar truss supports.
They should be spaced evenly along the bottom balsam firs used in the side rails and connected to the trusses with the same hole-and-tenon system used to assemble the rest of this bed.
Stand structure was described by the vertical position and horizontal arrangement of balsam fir within the stand.
Site description,--All study sites contained aspen in monoculture or in mixture with balsam fir (Abies balsamea (L.
The first retail lot in America was set up by Mark Carr in 1851, who hauled two ox sleds loaded with balsam firs from his Catskills farm to New York City.
Just as birds were good for white oaks in the Missouri forest, wolves are good for balsam firs on Isle Royale.
McLaren, a member of Peterson's team, began adding plants to the equation by studying the tree rings of balsam firs.
Millbury, estimated about 30 people trekked to the farm where she has about three acres set aside for balsam firs, concolor, or white, firs and Fraser firs and white pines.
Then, beneath the hedge I saw another forest--delicate little balsam firs rising green as grass, symmetrical as Christmas trees.