balsa raft

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a light raft made of balsa


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These dagger boards are positioned between the logs of the balsa raft and are raised or lowered in order to steer the craft and balance the sail (see Estrada 1988; Baleato 1988).
His equally unconventional raft project, reminiscent of Thor Heyerdahl's 1947 voyage from Peru to Polynesia on a balsa raft, has its supporters.
Experts scoffed at Heyerdahl when he set off to cross the Pacific aboard a balsa raft in 1947, saying it would get water logged and sink within days.
Ojani, 26, who had escaped from his native Cuba in a perilous trip on a balsa raft when he was 17, turned down Jennifer's huge offer of alimony cash and is now living at a friend's house in Los Angeles.
Munoz is following in the tradition of Norwegian adventurer Thor Heyerdahl, who captained a balsa raft called the "Kon-Tiki" from Peru to Polynesia in a 1947 exploration of the eastern Pacific Ocean.
This time the historian with an inclination for action sets out on a balsa raft to challenge the rapids of the Amazon, just like the Spanish conquistadors did 450 years ago.