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strong lightweight wood of the balsa tree used especially for floats

forest tree of lowland Central America having a strong very light wood

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1997) did not identify any toxic substance in flowers of balsa wood, or any morphological adaptations, such as resin or any sticky substance that might cause bees to be stuck in the plant and die.
Foam -- which is a petroleum-based product -- has a highly toxic manufacturing process, while balsa wood needs to be transported from South America to other parts of the world, making it prohibitive from a carbon-impact standpoint.
At this time the worldwide market for DuraKore was showing signs of being greater than the company could handle, so Arnie grabbed the opportunity to establish a licensing arrangement with the world's largest producer of balsa products, the Baltek Corporation in the US.
Alcan's exclusive range of lightweight products - from aluminium-plastic composite panels and plastic foams to high-performance core materials manufactured from plastics or balsa wood - offer customers innovative solutions that are both economical and sustainable," he added.
Balsa and McGuire (2003) identified prejudice, clinical uncertainty, and stereotyping as distinct mechanisms that can operate within the clinical encounter and lead to racial disparities in care.
catapults, robots, model planes, balsa wood towers, and energy transfer gismos) that perform specified tasks under given conditions.
KELVIN[R]'s innovative and affordable products for technology education, science, electronics and engineering include: modular labs, trainers, data acquisition, robotics, kits, consumable materials, instructional videos and books KELVIN[R]'s economical science fair materials feature project motors, gears, pulleys, balsa, solar cells, electronic parts, buzzers and switches.
For this exercise, the commercial cargo vessel, Balsa (MV 72), and its 18-man crew were contracted to play the role of suspects.
built the drone from balsa wood, carbon-fiber-strengthened tubes, and colorful Mylar skin.
Ornithopter Technologies' 50-centimeter (20-inch)-wide models are made of balsa wood and tissue paper, and powered by a twisted rubber band.
The purpose of this project was to determine the ease of laminar air flow around four different air foils made of balsa wood.
The home page welcomes you with a portrait shot of the great man behind a balsa model of, if I'm not mistaken, the LA art museum.
BRING UP THE TOPIC of balsa wood and you are likely to inspire some snickers.
All structural and lift parts consist of an outer and inner skin of fiberglass reinforced plastics (FGRP) enclosing a foam and balsa core.
Composite Foam is a Replacement for Balsa in Navy Ship Structures