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As I waited patiently in line, a gentleman came up behind me and ordered the fried baloney special.
Baloney - that's his stage name - is actually 47-year-old Tony Turner, who made his living as a clown in England.
Armineh Noravian, whose son was in Williams' class last year, was blunt, telling The New York Sun, "That's a bunch of baloney this guy is saying.
Despite McDonald's PR baloney, its healthiest chicken comes in the Chicken McGrill sandwich (400 calories and three grams of bad fat) or the Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken (200 calories and three grams of bad fat, without dressing).
Add Swiss cheese, cheddar, Muenster, goat, And mayonnaise--a double coat, Brown spicy mustard, hard-boiled eggs, On top of breaded chicken legs, Then pickles sour, pickles sweet, And pungent pickled piggies' feet, A half a cup of Smashed sardines, A 12-ounce can of pinto beans, One pound of roast beef, thinly sliced, Baloney chopped, salami diced, A layer of imported ham, Ajar of Grandma's homemade jam, Two cups of crispy bacon bits, Six olives--take out all the pits, A spattering of onion dip, One really big potato chip, Green chili peppers, fiery hot, One pot roast (don't include the pot), Four finely grated licorice sticks, One tablespoon of brownie mix, Tomatoes--beefsteak, cherry, plum, Two packs of purple bubble gum.
If he or she is "pro-abortion, pro-lesbian, pro-masturbation, pro-pornography, or oriented towards selfishness and blocks out the spiritual, then the patient naturally says, 'Well, psychology is full of baloney.
IT is very sad that the family of Jean McConville have had to suffer more baloney over her death from claims in a new book by Ed Maloney.
How starkly different it was from the mind-numbing, carefully staged, dumbed-down phony baloney from Bush and Gore, with their choreographed campaign stops and dippy slogans.
CORRECTION: Feeble rhetoric claiming that more federal spending will result in greater student achievement is baloney badly disguised as food for thought.
AND this week's masterpiece of Internet baloney comes direct from the Consumers' Association which has launched a new website offering to sell you a new, right hand drive car from a Continental dealer at up to 25 per cent below the UK price.
As the GOP rushes to steal poor children's lunch money, they must learn the difference between pork and baloney.
As the brother's behavior goes from erratic to lethal, the film starts chopping away at MacLaine's haut-bourgeois sense of entitlement like a baloney slicer on overdrive.
New products include "turkey," "ham" and "beef" slices as well as Yves' Veggie Pepperoni and Lightlife's Foney Baloney.
Then Hebert cut in from the curb and fun was all he heard Said he was "the women's pet the sissy's regret and the whore's lollipop" And Sista Sarah said "pass the bread, 'cause that's baloney for true