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The stunning sunrise in, Northumberland, yesterday was the perfect start to a balmy day which saw many areas reach highs of 17C.
Millions of Britons are set to bask in glorious barbecue weather this weekend as the mini-heatwave brings more balmy temperatures and widespread sunshine.
Los Angeles' balmy winter turned bitter cold Friday, with weekend temperatures forecast that could break 50-year-old records, endanger the homeless and cause $1 billion damage to the citrus industry.
With New York's best-loved lions, Patience and Fortitude, keeping their usual staid vigil in front of the Public Library, more than 150 partygoers cut loose on a balmy late-June evening directly behind it in Bryant Park, as guests of The Judicial Title Insurance Agency.
Although the materials superconduct only at less than about 135 kelvins, that's balmy compared with the temperatures near absolute zero required by some other superconductors.
The ground hog may have seen his shadow, but balmy weather persists in New England, and the arrival of Magic Hat hiPA confirms it.
In addition to setting the scene, the surrounding greenery, blue sky, and balmy light can also be regarded as signs of the somewhat paradoxical naturalness of the men fraternizing and hooking up, caught--or about to be--in the calm eye of gathering hurricane AIDS.
HOT balmy nights can disturb sleeping patterns, but you can sleep like a baby this summer with Johnson's Baby Bedtime range.
As it climbs, the balmy vapor chills and condenses (changes from vapor to liquid) into clouds and rain.
The plan of the park is based on the strategic movements made in chess, with 16 inlaid chess tables provided for al fresco games in the balmy Californian climate (Glendale Chess Club was part of the client group).
Dima Volkov rocks winter gloves in balmy East Bay, CA.
A baLmy three days in June resulted in a glut of winners for Michael Dods, who gets this month's award for notching three doubles in the space of three days.
A three-piece jazz group welcomed the 250 partiers, who gravitated outside to make the most of those balmy bay breezes (although the police did ask that the spotlights be turned down--turtle nesting season, you know).
The air; which was hot and humid a few hours ago, is now balmy and fragrant.
The temperature is a relatively balmy minus 21, but when you account for the wind-chill factor, it feels about minus 40.